Filling/refilling your Lavatube BC TubeTank.

Filling your Lavatube BC TubeTank- Step 1:

A: Unscrew

Remove the Lavatube BC TubeTank from the Lavatube. Turn the Lavatube BC TubeTank upside-down so the Drip Tip(E) is pointing down.

Remove the Base (A) of the Lavatube BC TubeTank by unscrewing it from the Tank (C) to expose the inner tank well.

Step 2:

B: Fill

Fill the Lavatube BC TubeTank by dripping eliquid into the Tank (D). Make sure you do not drip any eliquid into the center air shaft.

C: Fill Limit
Make sure you do not fill the eliquid past the end of the air shaft. If you do this, the air shaft will flood with eliquid and the eliquid will leak out the bottom of the Lavatube BC TubeTank when you reassemble it. It is best to stop filling when the eliquid level reaches the thicker part of the Tank window. See (F) in image below. 

Step 3:
D: Reassemble 
Replace the base of the Lavatube BC TubeTank by screwing it back together with the tank well. Make sure to screw it together firmly without misthreading the screw points.

E: Clean-up

After filling, wipe away any liquid on BC TubeTank connection
threads for best care and performance.

*Primer Puffs
To prime your heating coil before use, take a few primer puffs to pull liquid into the chamber. Do his without pressing the activation button to ensure the heating coil gets fully saturated with eliquid.

For more information please refer to this LINK

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