Wholesaling Info.

Do you have the knack to sell things? Do you own a store already where you can add new products? Do you think you can convince enough places in your local area to allow you to put Volcano products in their shop and have them sell them for you and you collect the rewards for a couple hours of work a week? Or do you just enough talking to people about e-cigs and think you could sell people kits on the spot?

If so then you should look into the wholesaling program. You can get any of the 3 kits at a discounted price with a minimum order. The more kits and accessories you order them more the savings are. Anything found on our site e-cig related can be purchased for wholesaling.

This is a great way to make some extra cash for yourself while at the same time help others you know and love as well as strangers kick the cigarette habit and start vaping.

If you are interested in the Wholesaling program please contact Lava Larry at , include some info about yourself and the market you are looking to sell in. If you have a business plan or idea, that would be helpful to include as well. Lava Larry will get back to you with pricing and other info you will need to know.

We hope to hear from you soon about getting into the wholesaling program with us here at Volcano.

Happy vaping,
The Volcano Team.
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