Solution: Atomizer leaks or gurgles.

Atomizer leak out the bottom or have a gurgling sound, mostly only due to one reason, being flooded. Flooding occurs when there is too much eliquid in the atomizer. 

To fix this issue you will need to remove the atomizer form the battery and blow out the atomizer. Once the atomizer is removed from the battery place the threaded end of the battery in a paper towel and blow through the top of the atomizer. 

This remove all the excess eliquid out of the atomizer. Once you have blown out all the excess eliquid , wipe the threads clean and dry.

Before putting the atomizer back on the battery you are going to want to clean the battery threaded connection. Please refer to this article on how to do that: Battery Connection Cleaning.

Once you are done clearing the flood and cleaning everything up. Place the atomizer back on the battery, add ONLY 2 drops of eliquid and continue vaping. 

If the atomizer continues to flood or leak, it may need to be cleaned. As a dirty or clogged up atomizer will not be able to hold the eliquid effectively. Read more about cleaning your atomizer here: Atomizer Cleaning.

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