Cleaning your TubeTank.

Every month you should clean your TubeTank. Or when you are changing out your flavors if you don't want the flavors to mix. 

You can not clean the cartomizer, but the tube and the end caps should be rinsed off from time to time.

  • Start by removing the TubeTank from the battery.
  • If the tank is not empty you will want to do the next few steps over a sink.
  • Using the drip tip to push the cartomizer down a little. 
  • Remove the drip tip.
  • Grab the threads of the cartomizer and pull it down. (if e-liquid is still in tank don't pull the cartomizer out unless you are over the sink). 
  • Pull the cartomizer out of the tank. 
  • Toss the cartomizer away or place it somewhere safe and clean if you are going to reuse it.
  • Rinse the tank out, by running warm water through it.
  • Then remove the end caps and run them under the running warm water and gently rub the edges and o-rings with your fingers. 
  • then run the tube under the warm water again and rub the inside of the tank with your fingers as well to remove any build-up.
  • Place the cleaned parts on a paper towel. You can either allow them to sit there and air dry, or you can dry them by hand with paper towels. 
  • Make sure everything is dry before reassembling. Including the o-rings (you may want to even remove the o-rings and dry underneath them)

Once dry reassemble the TubeTank. You may need to add a drop of e-liquid to the o-rings to help lube them to get the caps back on)

You are now ready to either put in a new cartomizer or replace the one you took out. Make sure you insert the cartomizer in the correct end cap the bottom cap (the one you need to insert the cartomizer into) has a notch in it for the flange of the cartomizer to recess into. 

Prime the cartomizer (if using a new cartomizer) and fill the Tank.

You are now ready to screw the TubeTank onto your battery and continue vaping. 

For more information on the TubeTank please check this article


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