Solution: Clearomizer leaks or makes gurgling sounds.

Clearomizers leaking is normally due to a few different issues. Flooding, and clogged and cracked tubes.

To fix a flooding issue:

  • Remove from battery.
  • Place the threaded end in a paper towel. 
  • Blow through the mouth end of the clearomizer. This will remove the excess eliquid from the center air shaft. 
  • Wipe the threaded connection  clean and dry. 
  • Make sure to clean the battery connection as well.

Leaking from being clogged:

  • Clogged clearomizers, when a clearomizer is clogged from being dirty or after a week of use, it will need to be cleaned. Clean it by following the Cleaning your Clearomizer article.

Cracked tube:

  • With a cracked tube there is not really much you can do other than replace the clearomizer. Tube crack near the base (where the threaded connection is). When this happens the seal is broken and eliquid will leak out. Do not try to repair it with glue, just toss it and replace with a new clearomizer. 
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