Solution: Tankomizer tastes burnt.

Tankomizers can taste burnt for a few reasons. Either being dirty, no back pressure, or the spike hole being blocked. 

Dirty or clogged:

  • With a dirty or clogged tankomizer, the only fixes is to either replace the tankomizer of clean it, To clean please follow the Cleaning Procedure

Lack of back pressure:

If the tank does not have the proper back pressure it will not feed eliquid to the wick and coil.

  • Make sure the tank is not completely full. The tank should only be filled 80% full. It needs to have an air space in it to allow for the back pressure to be formed to allow the juice to be pushed out of the tank into the wick.
  • If you have just pulled the tank out of the tankomizer recently, make sure you have taken 3 dry pulls on the device to add the needed back pressure back into the tank. Without it it will not feed the eliquid to the wick and coil.

Spike hole is Blocked:

  • When setting up your new tank, when you punched the tank on the spike did you check and make sure the knock out from the cap come out completely? Leaving it partially attached to the end cap will allow it to cover the top of the spike and block the flow of eliquid to the wick and coil. If it is still there make sure to remove it. 


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