Replacing your TubeTank Cartomizer.

After a few weeks to a couple months depending on how much you vape and what type of eliquid you vape you will need to replace the cartomizer in your TubeTank. 
To replace your cartomizer you will need your current TubeTank, a new Replacement Cartomizer for the TubeTank, and a bottle of eliquid of your liking. 
The Cartomizers come in two choices: 1.5Ω  Dual Coil, better for fixed 3.7voltage devices such as the Inferno; and 3.0 Single Coil, which is great for the Lavatube. When you get your TubeTank, the 4ml TubeTank comes with the 1.5Ω  DCC, and the 7ml TubeTank comes with the 3.0Ω  SCC.
First you will need to remove the cartomizer from the plastic wrapper, then remove the White rubber cap ( "E" on the product description above) from the new cartomizer. It is not needed for use of the cartomizer, and is only for storage purposes. 
Next you will need to remove the drip tip as mentioned in Step 1 of the Filling instructions above.
Then instead of just pulling the cartomizer down a little in the next step, you are going to pull the cartomizer all the way out of the both caps. At this point that cartomizer is no longer needed or useful and should be thrown away. The cartomizer will still have small amounts of eliquid on the outside of it and could make a mess, or a pet sick if they got a hold of it. 
Now slide the cartomizer back into the bottom cap of the TubeTank up into the Tube and all the way through the Top cap. You may want to put a drop or two of eliquid on the inner o-ring of both of the Tank caps. This will act like a lubricant and help the cartomizer slide over the o-rings better. 
Once you have the new cartomizer placed into the TubeTank, start at Step 2 of the Filling Instructions above and go though all the steps from that point on just like this is a new TubeTank. 
You now have your New cartomizer filled and ready to use. Happy Vaping. 
If you are changing flavors when you place the new cartomizer in the TubeTank.
You will want to take the caps off the Tube and rinse all the parts in water. Do not use soap as it will leave a residue and you do not want to vape that. make sure all the parts are dry before reassembling. You may want to add a drop of eliquid to the o-rings to help ease the caps back onto the Tube. they can be a bit tight fitting, and the eliquid will help lubricate the o-rings and help the cap slide on better.
Next we will go over some common troubleshooting for the TubeTank.
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