What is an Inferno BC TubeTank?

The Inferno BC TubeTank is constructed from the same high quality stainless steel as our INFERNO Batteries and has the same paint scheme making it the perfect match for your INFERNO.  The see-through tank holds 2.5ml of e-liquid and is constructed from Stainless Steel and FDA Certified food-grade plastic which gives you the perfect view of your e-liquid well.  
The food-grade plastic well is high quality and will have no problems holding up with any type of e-liquid. Each Inferno BC TubeTank System comes pre-loaded with a removable, replaceable 1.8Ω heating coil that has a Kanthal wire coil and silica wick assembly.  This new setup is a top performer right out of the box!  Flavor reproduction and vapor production is phenomenal with this unit and the simple fill-and-go design will make this new tank system your best friend! Give it a shot today and become a believer!
*Includes (1) 1.8Ω Heating Coil.  For more replacement heating coils for the Inferno BC TubeTank System, please click here.

For more information on the Inferno BC TubeTank please check out the video below or the Setting Up your Inferno BC TubeTank article.

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