Cleaning your Tankomizer.

To clean the Tankomizers, either before your first use, or at the time you feel it needs cleaning. 
1: Take a bowl or cup fill it with enough water (preferably distilled water) to cover the Tankomizers completely.
2: Microwave the cup or bowl of water for 2 to 3 minutes. (DO NOT microwave with the tankomizers in the water)
****If using distilled water add a plastic fork or spoon before microwaving, to prevent superheating the water****
3: Carefully, lower the Tankomizer(s) into the water. Using a spoon to help prevent from burning your fingers or hand.
****DO NOT drop the tankomizer(s) into the water, to prevent splashing the hot water onto yourself or causing damage to your tankomizer(s)
4: Carefully swish the water around from time to time while the attys are soaking. Allow the Tankomizer(s) to soak in the hot water bath for 10-15 minutes.
5: Using a spoon, carefully remove the tankomizer(s) from the water, and gently shake any excess water out of the inside of the Tankomizer(s). Set the Tankomizer(s) threaded end up on a towel or paper towel. To dry for several hours, preferably overnight.
Your Tankomizer(s) is now clean and ready for use. If you are cleaning due to being very dirty or clogged up, you may need to repeat steps 1-4 a couple times. As well as for a strong flavor from the Tankomizer(s).
Volcano recommends a once a week cleaning, for general maintenance. 

For more information please read this article.
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