Using your Magma USB Charger.

When your Magma battery blinks 20 times slow, that is a sign of it needing to be recharged. To do so you can charge it via the USB charger or the PCC (M-Pack). This article will cover using the USB charger.

To charge:

  • Start by removing the heating element from the battery.
  • Optional step- Clean the battery threads. It is best to do this before each charge to ensure the battery and charger make a clean connection and do not take longer to charge.
  • Screw your battery onto the USb charger
  • plug the USB charger with battery attached into any standard USb power port or the USB Wall Adapter.

The end of your Battery will blink 3 times and the LED indicator light on the charger will change from green to red to let you know the charging cycle has begun. 

Once the battery is fully charged, the LED indicator light on the USB charger will change from red to green, to let you know your battery is fully charged. 

Once the battery is charged it is best to remove the battery from the charger.

You are now ready to continue using your Magma battery. 

When using this charging option please be careful of the placement of the battery and charger. If using a USB port on the front of your PC tower make sure it is not in a place that can get bumped or knocked off. This could damage the charger or the power port. 

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