Using your Magma PCC.

When your Magma battery blinks 20 times slow, that is a sign of it needing to be recharged. To do so you can charge it via the USB charger or the PCC (M-Pack). This article will cover using the M-Pack.

 To Charge the M-Pack:

  • Make sure there is no battery in the charging slot.
  • Plug the mini USB end of the charging cord into the side of the M-Pack
  • Plug the USB end of the charging cable into a standard USB port or the wall adapter. 

The M-Packs screen should then light up and the bars start scrolling, to let you know it is charging. Once the bars stop scrolling the M-Pack is fully charged and ready to start charging your M-Batteries while on the go. 


To Charge a battery in the M-Pack

  • Start by removing your heating element from the battery and place in one of the storage slots in the M-Pack or on another battery. 
  • Optional step- Clean the battery threads. It is best to do this before each charge to ensure the battery and charger make a clean connection and do not take longer to charge.
  • Open the lid
  • Place the threaded end of the battery facing down into the right most slot (charging slot) 
  • Press down firmly till you hear the battery snap into place. You may need to turn the battery slightly while pushing down to get it to snap in.
  • Press and hold the bottom part of the side button for about 5 seconds. The end of the battery will blink 3 times and the screen will change color along with the bars will start to scroll, letting you know the charging process has begun. 
  • After a few seconds the screen will turn off. (to conserve power)
  • You can check the status of the charging process at any time by pressing the bottom portion of the side button again. 
  • When you check the status and the screen is back to red and the bars are no longer scrolling, the charging process is now done. This should take about 40 minutes.
  • Once the battery is done charging it is best to remove it from the charging port and move it to one of the storage slots. 

You are now ready to continue using your Magma battery. 

Never attempt to charge a battery in the M-Pack while charging the M-Pack itself. This can damage both the battery and the M-Pack. 

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