The Magma Starter Kit Instructional Video.

Introducing the all-new MAGMA e-cigarette from VOLCANO Fine Electronic Cigarettes. The kit comes stylishly packed in a gift box and includes an M-Pack, 2 rechargeable automatic draw M-Batteries with red LED's, 2 packs of atomized cartridges pre-filled with USA-Made eliquid in the strength and flavor of your choosing, and all the charging components you'll need to keep your batteries and M-Pack powered up right out of the box.      

The MAGMA kit has been completely retooled into a 2-piece design and now comes in both black and white. We've cut down the size to a near perfect match of a 100s sized cigarette, making it a great fit for anyone who wants their eCig to fully mimic a traditional cigarette in appearance and performance. This kit truly provides the perfect blend of power and portability. The M-Batteries are the workhorse of the MAGMA and provide the power that is needed for the device to create vapor. When fully charged you can expect nearly an hour of continuous vaping time making them a perfect fit for someone who smokes up to a pack a day.   

 Check out out Magma Introduction Video to learn more about the kit and how to use it. 

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