Solution: Tankomizer leaks or gurgles.

A tankomizer can leak for a couple reasons. The most common reason is drawing too hard and creating too much back pressure, the other is the tankomizer is dirty and needs clean. They can also leak due to damage to the end cap of the Tank.

Clearing a flood and releasing back pressure. 

  • Start by removing the tankomizer form your battery. 
  • Remove the tank from your tankomizer. 
  • Turn the tank up so that the end cap (end the spike goes into) is up. This will release any and all back pressure in the tank that may be pushing too much eliquid in to the tankomizer and causing the leaking and flooding. 
  • Wipe the tankomizer clean.
  • Place the threaded end of the tankomizer in a paper towel. 
  • Blow lightly into the tankomizer. This will blow out any excess eliquid in the tankomizer. 
  • Wipe the threads clean and dry. 
  • Place the Tank back into the tankomizer.
  • Take 3 dry pulls on the system. You should see a couple air bubbles in the tank. This is adding the needed back pressure into the tank. 
  • Clean the battery's connection by following the Cleaning your battery article. 
  • Screw the tankomizer system back onto your battery.

You are now ready to continue enjoying your Tankomizer.

**Too much back pressure normally comes from drawing too hard on the device. Please try drawing lighter on the device to prevent this. If this tankomizer has been used for a while and you are finding yourself needing to draw harder on it to get the same vapor, it may need cleaning. Please follow the Cleaning your Tankomizer steps.**

A dirty Tankomizer:

A dirty or clogged tankomizer can only be remedied by cleaning the tankomizer. Please follow the Cleaning Your Tankomizer steps.

Damaged End Cap:

A damaged end cap can cause the tank to leak and also cause it to lose back pressure.        

  • Check the hole that the spike goes in. Is it still round? If it looks oval then it may be the cause and needs to be replaced. It is best to just toss the tank and use a new one. 
  • Make sure the end cap is seated properly on the tank.
  • check and make sure when the knock out was removed it did not leave any pieces or deform the opening. 
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