Priming your TubeTank Cartomizer.

Priming the cartomizer:
  • Take a paper towel and wrap it tightly around the threaded base of the cartomizer.
  • Fill the cartomizer by dripping eliquid directly onto the poly fill inside the cartomizer. This will take approximately 40-50 drops of eliquid depending on the drop size. You will know when the cartomizer's filler is full when the eliquid starts to pool up on top of the filler and not absorb in. As the cartomizer gets closer to full, it will take longer to absorb in. 
  • Make sure when dripping the eliquid into the cartomizer do your best not to get any eliquid into the center air shaft of the cartomizer or it will leak out the bottom, and can make the cartomizer leak eliquid  onto your battery and spit eliquid  into your mouth for the first few hits after filling. This would be called flooding the cartomizer. 
(That is 40-50 drops from the Dripping cap on the bottle. If using the Needle Tip Bottle Cap it will be closer to 70 drops, this is due to the drops from the Needle Tip Bottle Cap are much smaller. )

You will know the cartomizer is full when you see eliquid start to leak out of the "weep" hole on the side of the cartomizer inside the tank. At that point you can stop filling the cartomizer and move to the next step.
You may see some eliquid on the paper towel around the threads. That is fine. Just wipe up any leaking off the threads.
  • Now place the cartomizer in the TubeTank and fill it. 

For more information on the TubeTank please check this article

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