Solution: TubeTank tastes burnt.

If your cartomizer in our TubeTank tastes burnt there are a few things that could have caused, but there is no fix for this. Once a cartomizer is burnt the filler will always be burnt. When a cartomizer becomes burnt it is best to just throw it away or recycle it.

What can cause the cartomizer to be burnt:

  • Not priming the cartomizer correctly. 
  • Vaping it dry, Continuing to vape on it once the cartomizer has run out of eliquid. 
  • Being old, dirty, or clogged
  • Vaping it at to high of a setting (voltage/wattage)

Burnt filler is a cartomizer killer, once it is burnt it will stay burnt, even if you fill the cartomizer back up full, it may stop tasting burnt but will not work well. When the filler burns it pulls away form the coil. Making the filler no longer to be able to deliver eliquid to the coil. So you will have diminished vapor and loss of flavor. 

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