Solution: Magma is blinking.

If your Magma Battery is blinking, there are a few causes of it and each blink sequence has a different meaning. If your battery is blinking make sure o count he number of blinks. 

5 Blinks:

5 blinks while drawing on the battery is the cut-off feature kicking in. It should kick in around 15-20 seconds into a draw. This feature is there to prevent over working the battery. 

10-15 fast Blinks:

10-15 fast blinks and the device not working is a sign of a short in the system. 

To find out where the short is 

  • first remove the heating element form the battery. 
  • Press the button again

Does it still blink?

  • If so then the battery has a short in it somewhere. If the battery was purchase less than 1 year ago please contact Customer Service( or return to the location you purchased it), they will help you get a replacement. 
  • If not continue reading. 

If you battery stopped blinking after removing the heating element. 

  • Then the short is in the heating element you were using and it should be placed in the trash or recycled. It is best to not try the shorted heating element on another battery as it could damage the battery. 

20 Blinks:

If your battery is blinks slowly 20 times, then the battery is drained and needs to be charged. Please refer to the Charging your Magma article for instructions on how to charge your Magma battery. 

Blinks constantly:

A battery that blinks constantly is normally from flooding the battery( auto batteries only). A flooded battery is from e-liquid from the heating element getting into the threaded connection and then into the air hole in the battery leading into the battery housing. This causes the e-liquid to short out the circuit boards in the battery. Please see Cleaning a Flooded Automatic Battery for a possible fix. 

If you encounter any other blink errors not listed above, please contact Customer Service. They will be able to help you further. 

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