Cleaning Your Lavatube BC TubeTank.


Your Lavatube is a precision device. It's very important to keep it clean at all times and is very easy to do. Maintaining your device will prolong its life and keep it in good working order. 

Cleaning the connections
Keep your Lavatube/TubeTank and your TubeTank/Drip Tip connections clean by swabbing them with a cotton swab to soak up any excess e-liquid and dirt. This will ensure that your device has a good connection and will be able to operate at it best performance level. 

Cleaning the Lavatube BC TubeTank. 
We highly recommend you clean your Lavatube BC TubeTank between fillings and prior to initial use to ensure the best flavor and to rid the tank of any undesired contaminants such as dust and dirt.

A: Rinse
Disassemble the Lavatube BC TubeTank and rinse both the Lavatube BC TubeTank well and the Lavatube BC TubeTank base.
*Do not rinse the heating coil with water. This can damage it or render it useless.*

B: Dry
You can either let the pieces air dry completely or wipe them down with a small cloth, making sure to rid the Lavatube BC TubeTank of any visible signs of water before reassembling the unit and using it. 


For a more advanced cleaning for the Coil Head please read this article

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