Cleaning a flooded automatic battery.

A flooded automatic battery happens when e-liquid from the heating element leaks into the threaded connection and then into the battery casing through the hole in the center plate. 

Always make sure you fill your devices off the battery. Filling heating elements on your battery makes it easier to flood the battery.

A flooded battery if fired with e-liquid in it can and will damage the battery. Flooding is not covered under the 1 yr warranty. This fix is not a guaranteed fix but many have had success with it. 


To clean a flooded battery:

  • Immediately remove the heating element.
  • Clean the battery's threaded connection.
  • Stand the battery up on the threaded end, on a paper towel over night(at least 8 hours, preferably 12-24). This will allow most of the e-liquid in the battery to seep back out the hole in the center plate. 
  • After it has been standing upright for the time above. Place the battery in a zip top bag filled with dry (uncooked) white rice for 24 hours. Squeeze as much air as you can out of the bag and seal the top. This will absorb any left over moisture in the battery casing. 
  • After the battery has been in the bag of rice for 24 hours, remove the battery and throw away the rice. (DO NOT cook or eat the rice)
  • The battery should be fully dried out now. Now place your lips around the battery at the threaded end and draw on the battery hard. Do this a couple times. This will insure the switch in the battery is not stuck or blocked from dried e-liquid. 
  • Screw your battery onto the charger. Make sure it blinks the normal 3 times, and the charger lights turns red. 
  • Let the battery run a full charge cycle. 
  • Once fully charged remove the battery from the charger. 
  • Place your lips around the threaded end of the battery and draw on it like you would normally draw on it when vaping. If it lights up normally, like it should, then it is ready for use. If not or it just blinks constantly, then it is most likely dead and needs to be recycled or thrown away. 
  • If working correctly attach a heating element. ( if using the one that flooded the battery make sure you clear the flooding before putting it back on.)


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