How big are your eCigs?

The MAGMA eCig is similarly sized to a "100's" cigarette and measures in at 3.875 inches long with a cartomizer on the battery, and 4.25 inches long in the drip configuration.

The INFERNO eCig is similarly sized to a sharpie pen. The INFERNO currently comes with 2 different batteries, a 650 mAH USB battery and a 900mAH USB Battery. When fully assembled with a Inferno BC TubeTank and drip tip, the 650 mAH USB INFERNO measures in at at 6.25 inches long and the 900 mAH battery measures in at 6.75 inches long.

The LAVATUBE eCig is the largest eCig we currently offer and when fully assembled with a TubeTank, measures in 7.75 inches long.

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