Solution: Cartomizer stopped Working.

Cartomizers can stop working for many reasons, this article will cover the main reasons and possible fixes. 

Is the battery on?

  • First and foremost you should check and make sure the battery is turned on and charged.

Do other cartomizers work on the battery? 

Does this cartomizer work on other batteries?

Is the heating coil broken?

  • Next check the ohms. If using the Lavatube use the built in ohms checker and make sure the ohms are reading what they should for the cartomizer you are using. If you do not have the Lavatube, then if you have a multimeter you can use that to check the ohms of the cartomizer . You can do this by touching one lead to the threads and the other lead of the meter to the bottom plate of the threaded connection. If you get a reading that is not near what the factory ohm reads should be then the heating coil in the cartomizer is broke and you will need a new cartomizer. If it reads correctly then continue reading. 

Is the cartomizer making connection to the battery?

  • The center connection plate of the battery and cartomizer "float" and can get moved. If the plate in the battery connection does not make contact with the battery then will not complete the connection and not supply power to the cartomizer. To Fix this please check out the Adjusting your Plate article. 
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