What is a TubeTank?

These tanks come as a complete setup that utilize a plastic tube that houses a classic cotton polyfil cartomizer that has a hole punched into it to allow juice being held in the outer tube to continually feed the cartomizer. This keeps the heating element and wicking material completely saturated at all times and in turn increases your vapor production and lengthens the life of the cartomizer.

Includes: 1 tubeTank, 1 polyfill cartomizer and 1 Drip tip (4ML TubeTanks come with a 1.5 Ω Dual Coil Cartomizer and 7ML TubeTanks come with a 3.0 Ω Single Coil Cartomizer). The Chrome TubeTanks (both sizes) drip tips colors will vary between clear and chrome.

For more information on filling and using your TubeTank, please check out this article

Cartomizer info: For the 1.5 Ω Dual Coil cartomizer we do not recommend using this at a higher voltage setting than 4 volts, we suggest using the 1.5 Ω only on the Inferno.  If you would like to vape at a setting of up to 6 volts, we suggest you go with a 3.0 Ω cartomizer to experience the full range of the Lavatube's voltage output.
The expected lifetime of the cartomizer is generally considered 1 month and therefore is not covered under the Volcanoecigs 1 Year limited warranty. Use at your own risk.
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