Setting up your TubeTank.

Congratulations and Welcome to the wonderful world of TubeTank Vaping!
The all new TubeTanks are a vaping junkies dream! These new tanks come as a complete setup that utilize a plastic tube that houses a classic cotton polyfill cartomizer that has a hole punched into it to allow eliquid being held in the outer tube to continually feed the cartomizer. This keeps the heating element and wick completely saturated at all times and in turn increases your vapor production and lengthens the life of the cartomizer.
Product Features:
The TubeTank Includes: 
  • 1 TubeTank
  • 1 Polyfill Cartomizer (4ML TubeTanks come with a 1.5 Ω Dual Coil Cartomizer and 7ML TubeTanks come with a 3.0 Ω Single Coil Cartomizer)
  • 1 Drip tip
Product Specifications:
Cartomizer info: For the 1.5 Ω  Dual Coil cartomizer we do not recommend using this at a higher voltage setting than 4 volts. If you would like to vape at a setting of up to 6 volts, we suggest you go with a 3.0 Ω cartomizer to experience the full range of the Lavatube's voltage output.
The expected lifetime of the cartomizer is generally considered 1 month and therefore is not covered under the Volcanoecigs 1 Year limited warranty. Use at your own risk.
Getting To Know your TubeTank:
  • A: TubeTank Cartomizer- the core of the TubeTank.
  • B: Weep Hole- This hole allows eliquid to flow from the tank of the TubeTank to the filler inside the Cartomizer 
  • C: Cartomizer Flange- This flange stops the tube from sliding down too far on the cartomizer. 
  • D: Threaded Connection- This is the threaded connection of the cartomizer. This is the part that screws onto the battery, it also is designed to allow air flow up through the inside of the cartomizer. 
  • E: Cartomizer Cap- This cap comes ONLY on the refill cartomizers. It needs to be removed before filling the cartomizer. It is not needed for use with the cartomizers. It is only for storage purposes. 
  • F: Bottom Tube Cap- You can tell this is the bottom cap because it has the recess in it for the Flange on the cartomizer.
  • G: Top cap- same as the bottom cap but does not have the recess for the cartomizer flange.
  • H: Tube Cap Inner O-Ring- used to make a fluid tight seal around the cap and the cartomizer. 
  • I: Tube Cap Outer O-Ring- used to make a fluid tight seal around the cap and the Tube.
  • J: Tube- The Tube that holds the eliquid .
  • K: Optional Ring Seal- Used to help prevent leaking into the Drip Tip.
  • L: Drip Tip- Used as the mouth piece to the TubeTank. (not for dripping eliquid into the cartomizer to fill)
Setting up your TubeTank for the First time
When you receive your TubeTank from Volcano it will come fully assembled, this way you know how it should look like once you have it filled. The package will also come with a clear silicone ring seal. This ring seal is an optional add on to the TubeTank so it is not installed in the unit when you receive it. I will cover this in more detail later on.

What you will need:
  • Your TubeTank System
  • A bottle of eliquid
  • Paper towels
Step 1- Remove the Drip Tip.
Hold the TubeTank firmly at the base and grasp the drip tip with the other hand.

 Pull the Drip Tip out of the cartomizer, and place to the side.
Step 2: Filling the Cartomizer.
Leave the cartomizer in the TubeTank and place the threaded end of the cartomizer in a paper towel, this will help absorb and over flow during the filling process. 
Fill the cartomizer by dripping eliquid directly onto the poly fill inside the cartomizer. This will take approximately 40 drops of eliquid depending on the drop size. You will know when the cartomizer's filler is full when the eliquid starts to pool up on top of the filler and not absorb in. As the cartomizer gets closer to full, it will take longer to absorb in. 
Make sure when dripping the eliquid into the cartomizer do your best not to get any eliquid into the center air shaft of the cartomizer or it will leak out the bottom, and can make the cartomizer leak eliquid  onto your battery and spit eliquid  into your mouth for the first few hits after filling. This would be called flooding the cartomizer. I will discuss flooding and how to handle that later on. 
(That is 40 drops from the Dripping cap on the bottle. If using the Needle Tip Bottle Cap it will be closer to 70 drops, this is due to the drops from the Needle Tip Bottle Cap are much smaller. )
You will know the cartomizer is full when you see eliquid start to leak out of the "weep" hole on the side of the cartomizer inside the tank. At that point you can stop filling the cartomizer and move to the next step.
You may see some eliquid on the paper towel around the threads. That is fine. Just wipe up any leaking off the threads.
Step 2A: Adding the Silicone Seal.
This is an optional step. The small clear silicone ring seal that comes with your TubeTanks can now be added if you choose. 
Simply slide it down into the cartomizer with the slope of the inside of the ring sloping down inward toward the filler, till it rest on top of the filler. 
This ring seal will help prevent the eliquid from the filler leaking up into the Drip Tip if set on its side. And the slope pointing inward will allow any condensation that builds up, to be directed back into the filler to be absorbed. 
**These ring seals only come with the TubeTank units, you will not receive these with the replacement cartomizers. So if you choose to use this make sure you keep it for your next cartomizer. **
Some people prefer not to use this seal as they like to top off the cartomizer every time they refill the tank, and the seal makes it more time consuming. The use of the o-ring it completely personal preference, and does not actually effect the vapor production of the TubeTank. 
Step 3: Filling the Tank.
 Hold the bottom cap of the TubeTank with one hand and the threaded end of the cartomizer with the other. Pull the cartomizer down till the top of the cartomizer is about 1/4 of an inch below the bottom of the top cap. You are now ready for your eliquid .
 Fill the tube up as far as you can without flooding or over flowing into the cartomizer. You will want to leave a little air space at the top of the Tank as the air pressure in Tank will help the eliquid flow into the cartomizer as the eliquid in the filler in the cartomizer gets low. 
Your TubeTank is now filled and ready to be reassembled and almost ready for use. 
Step 4: Reassembling your TubeTank.
Hold the bottom of the tube and push the cartomizer back up into the tube. Once the top of the cartomizer reaches the bottom of the top cap, you may want to hold the top cap as well to make sure it does not come off. Pus the Cartomizer up through the top cap until the Flange on the bottom of the cartomizer is in the recess of the bottom cap. (it can be a little stiff to get the top of the cartomizer back into the top cap past the inside o-ring try your best not to damage the o-ring with the top of the cartomizer. If you nick the o-ring it can lead to leaking in the future as the o-ring wears out.).

Holding the threaded end of the cartomizer (not the base of the TubeTank as pictured) insert the drip tip back into the cartomizer. Making sure the top of the cartomizer is butted up flush against the shoulder on the drip tip over the o-ring on the drip tip. 
Your cartomizer is now filled and almost ready for use. All you need to do now is prime the cartomizer and clear the center air shaft of any over flowed eliquid and clean up the threads.
Priming the cartomizer:
Take you paper towel and wrap it tightly around the threaded base of the cartomizer. Place you lips on the Drip Tip and take a few good draws on the device. This will help get all the air bubbles out of the cartomizer that are left and help build up a aback pressure in the Tank to help with the wicking of eliquid from the Tank to the cartomizer. You may want to pull off the Drip Tip and check and make sure the filler in the cartomizer still looks fully saturated, if not add a few more drops till it will no longer absorb eliquid . (If you did Step 2A, you will need to remove the ring seal as well. 
Your TubeTank is now primed. 
Checking for eliquid over flow or flooding:
To check for any over flow/fill or "flooding". Hold your Paper towel over the threaded end of the cartomizer at the bottom of the TubeTank, place your lips around the Drip Tip and blow through the TubeTanks cartomizer. This will clear out any extra eliquid in the center air shaft of the cartomizer and push it out the air holes in the threaded connection of the cartomizer. This will also add some additional pressure in the tank to aid with wicking. You will see some small air bubbles come up through the weep hole on the side of the cartomizer into the Tank. 
Cleaning things up:
Only thing left to do it to make sure there is not eliquid left on the threaded connection of the cartomizer. If you see any eliquid on the threads or the bottom cap, just wipe it off with your paper towel.
If you get any eliquid  on your hands while doing this it is best to wash it off as soon as you can. Nicotine is trans-dermal and your body will begin to absorb it as soon as it touches your skin.
Your TubeTank is now ready to be attached to your battery of choice enjoyed. 
Additional Information:
It is best to screw the TubeTank on to your battery by the Drip Tip as the tube on the cartomizer has a tendency to spin on the cartomizer. Make sure not to over tighten the TubeTank onto your battery as it can be hard to get it off later. Also make sure to not pick up or carry your device by the Tank, as it can slide off the cartomizer. Making your device fall and dump all your eliquid out of the tank.
Cleaning of the cartomizer is not recommended as it is a poly filled cartoimzer and they are not meant to be cleaned as by the time they dry they could form mold and bacteria in the filler. The tank can be cleaned simply by taking it off the carto, removing the two end caps and rinsing with warm water.
If you are looking to change out flavors, clean the tank and blow out the carto the best you can from the threaded end into a paper towel. That will remove as much eliquid as you can from the poly fill. Reassemble the TubeTank and follow the steps above to fill the TubeTank. Some flavor from the first flavor will carry over. One thing I have found that will help a little is flushing the carto with plain PG, it helps push more of the old flavor out of the filler. But he first flavor will linger around for some time, stronger flavors will linger longer than more subtle flavors.
It is best advised, if you want to change flavors, is to wait till you vape the TubeTank empty and change out the cartomizer and rinse out the tank rinse off the caps with just plain water. (Not advised to use soap ans it can leave a residue, and you don't want to vape that)
Safety Notice:
Always treat your VOLCANO eCig and accessories with care and keep them in a safe, clean and dry place to ensure cleanliness and optimal performance.
Warranty Limitations:
Atomizers and Cartomizers: Due to the normal usage and limited life expectancy of tankomizers, atomizers and cartomizers, we offer no warranty on these items. The Cartomizers are protected under our policy against damage during shipping or defective units for the first three days after arrival. You must promptly notify us of any DOA units within the 3 day time frame.
Refilling the TubeTank Instructions
To refill your TubeTank when your eliquid gets low, follow the instructions below. 
It is best to not vape the TubeTank dry. When the Tube gets low on eliquid no lower than the weep hole, it is time to refill. You do not want to vape the TubeTank lower then the weep hole, as it can allow the filler to get too dry and burn the filler around the coil(s). Making the vapor from the TubeTank taste burnt. Once the filler is burnt you can not save it or clean out the burnt taste. You can continue to use it through the burnt taste but it will not perform well due to the filler around the coil(s) not being able to supply eliquid to the coil(s) because they are burnt. 
To refill your TubeTank:
First remove the TubeTank from your battery. Never fill or refill your TubeTank on your batteries. You run the risk of leaking eliquid into the threaded connection of your battery. which can make a mess and make your vaping experience not as well as it could be.
Start at Step 3, and continue on to the end of Step 4 of the above filling instructions.
It is also recommended that you follow the Priming Your Cartomizer step as well. 
Your TubeTank is now ready to be attached back to your battery and ready to vape.
Next we will cover how to replace the cartomizer inside the TubeTank once the cartomizer is clogged or dead.
Replacing the Cartomizer in your TubeTank Instructions.
After a few weeks to a couple months depending on how much you vape and what type of eliquid you vape you will need to replace the cartomizer in your TubeTank. 
To replace your cartomizer you will need your current TubeTank, a new Replacement Cartomizer for the TubeTank, and a bottle of eliquid of your liking. 
The Cartomizers come in two choices: 1.5Ω  Dual Coil, better for fixed 3.7voltage devices such as the Inferno; and 3.0 Single Coil, which is great for the Lavatube. When you get your TubeTank, the 4ml TubeTank comes with the 1.5Ω  DCC, and the 7ml TubeTank comes with the 3.0Ω  SCC.
First you will need to remove the cartomizer from the plastic wrapper, then remove the White rubber cap ( "E" on the product description above) from the new cartomizer. It is not needed for use of the cartomizer, and is only for storage purposes. 
Next you will need to remove the drip tip as mentioned in Step 1 of the Filling instructions above.
Then instead of just pulling the cartomizer down a little in the next step, you are going to pull the cartomizer all the way out of the both caps. At this point that cartomizer is no longer needed or useful and should be thrown away. The cartomizer will still have small amounts of eliquid on the outside of it and could make a mess, or a pet sick if they got a hold of it. 
Now slide the cartomizer back into the bottom cap of the TubeTank up into the Tube and all the way through the Top cap. You may want to put a drop or two of eliquid on the inner o-ring of both of the Tank caps. This will act like a lubricant and help the cartomizer slide over the o-rings better. 
Once you have the new cartomizer placed into the TubeTank, start at Step 2 of the Filling Instructions above and go though all the steps from that point on just like this is a new TubeTank. 
You now have your New cartomizer filled and ready to use. Happy Vaping. 
If you are changing flavors when you place the new cartomizer in the TubeTank.
You will want to take the caps off the Tube and rinse all the parts in water. Do not use soap as it will leave a residue and you do not want to vape that. make sure all the parts are dry before reassembling. You may want to add a drop of eliquid to the o-rings to help ease the caps back onto the Tube. they can be a bit tight fitting, and the eliquid will help lubricate the o-rings and help the cap slide on better.
Next we will go over some common troubleshooting for the TubeTank.
TubeTank Troubleshooting
1) TubeTank has a burnt taste:
Either the cartomizer was not filled/primed correctly, or the TubeTank was vaped empty and the cotton filler in the cartomizer around the heating element is burnt. The only fix for this is to replace the cartomizer. Once the filler is burnt it will always taste burnt and will also not perform as well due to the filler will not be able to get the eliquid to the heating element to be vaporized.

There is a gurgling sound when I try to draw on the TubeTank:
Your cartomizer is flooded. Meaning there is too much eliquid in the cartomizer. This could be due to a few things: over filling your cartomizer; over priming your cartomizer; or drawing too hard on the TubeTank and creating too much back prussure in the TubeTank.

To fix a flooded cartomizer: First remove the TubeTank from your battery. Place the threaded end of the TubeTank into a paper towel or napkin. Blow through thte drip tip a couple times to remove the excess eliquid from the cartomizer. Wipe the threads clean and dry. Then you will want to release the back pressure in the Tank. To di this you will first remove the drip tip and set it aside. Then slide the cartomizer down a little like you are going to refill the Tank. This will release the back pressure. Reassemble the device and check and make sure the threads are clean and dry. Before replacing back on to your battery take a quick draw through the device to make sure there is no more gurgling sounds. 
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