Filling/refilling your TubeTank.

To refill your TubeTank when your eliquid gets low, follow the instructions below. 
It is best to not vape the TubeTank dry. When the Tube gets low on eliquid no lower than the weep hole, it is time to refill. You do not want to vape the TubeTank lower then the weep hole, as it can allow the filler to get too dry and burn the filler around the coil(s). Making the vapor from the TubeTank taste burnt. Once the filler is burnt you can not save it or clean out the burnt taste. You can continue to use it through the burnt taste but it will not perform well due to the filler around the coil(s) not being able to supply eliquid to the coil(s) because they are burnt. 
  • First remove the TubeTank from your battery. Never fill or refill your TubeTank on your batteries. You run the risk of leaking eliquid into the threaded connection of your battery. which can make a mess and make your vaping experience not as well as it could be.
  • Start by using your drip tip to push the cartomizer down a bit. Making sure to hold onto the bottom cap of the tank so it does not push the cap out of the tank. 
  • Then remove the drip tip.
  • now grab the threads of the cartomizer and while holding the bottom cap, pull the cartomizer down till the top of the cartomizer is below the bottom of the top cap of the TubeTank.   
  • Take you bottle of eliquid and drip eliquid into the tank making sure not to drip into the cartomizer. 
  • Fill the tank up till it is about 80% full or just below the top of the cartomizer.
  • Slide the cartomizer back into the top cap. 
  • Place the drip tip back on the TubeTank
  • Place the threaded end of the cartomizer in a paper towel. Blow through the drip tip to make sure no juice had made it into the center air shaft. 
  • Wipe the threads clean and dry. 
  • Screw the TubeTank on the battery.

You are now ready to continue vaping on your TubeTank. 

For more information on the TubeTank please check this article

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