Re-wicking the Kanger Subtank Mini RBA Plus Coil Head

Rewicking the Kanger Subtank Mini RBA Plus coil head is simple and easy. You do not always have to recoil your Subtank Mini RBA Plus when the wick gets burnt or just gunked up. If you notice your Subtank Mini is just not preforming the same as before or the flavor/vapor production has dropped off, you may need to just re-wick the RBA Plus coil head. 

To rewick the the Subtank Mini RBA Plus coil head you will need: 

  • Subtank Mini RBA Plus coil head
  • Wicking material (Volcano recommends Organic Japanese Cotton)
  • Mini screw driver
  • Paper towel

To re-wick:

  1. Remove your Subtank Mini from your mod/device.
  2. Remove your drip tip from the Subtank Mini.
  3. Open your Subtank Mini, by turning it upside down and unscrewing the base plate from the tank. 
  4. Place the tank section off to the side.
  5. Remove the Subtank Mini Plus from the base plate.
  6. Follow steps 1 and 2 on this article for opening the RBA Plus coil head.
  7. Gently pull the old wicking material out of the coil. Making sure not to damage the coil. If you damage the coil you will need to recoil the RBA Plus coil head as well. (smaller diameter wire can tend to uncoil or stretch when you pull the wick out, use caution when removing the wicking material.) 
  8. Rinse the RBA Plus coil head in warm water and dry off on a paper towel. 
  9. Once dry insert the build deck back onto the base plate and screw onto your mod/device. 
  10. Press the fire button for a few seconds to heat up the coil. Continue pulsing the fire button till the coil looks clean. 
  11. Allow the coil to cool down. 
  12. Follow steps 10-20 in this article to add new wicking material to the RBA Plus coil head. 

 You are now ready to continue vaping. 





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