Building with the Aspire Triton Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA) System

Building with the Aspire Triton Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA) System. 



Things you will need:


Step 1:

You will want to install the o-ring and insulator onto the lower ring. You should now have 3 pieces. the Upper ring, lower ring and base plate.


Step 2:  

When planning the build of your coil make sure to follow Ohms Law and understand the limitation of your battery. Never use a coil, power setting that draws more amps than what your battery can deliver. Doing so can be very dangerous. Please be sure to read and understand this article before you build any coil. 


Build your coil. Using the coil jig or a mini screw driver build your coil with the number of wraps you are wanting. There are a lot of of apps out there that can help you figure out how many wraps you should do to get a certain ohms with the gauge of wire you are using. 


You can also use the pre wrapped coil that comes with the RTA System. The pre wrapped coil is a 0.5ohm Kanthal coil. 


Step 3: 

Loosen the upper set screw, this is the one in the upper ring. 


Step 4:

Insert one of the coil tails into the smaller of the 2 hole in the center of the upper ring. 


Step 5:

Insert your mini Phillips head screw driver into the wick holes of the upper ring, making sure to go through the center of the coli. 

This is to ensure that the coil is in the proper position for the next steps. 


Step 6:

Tighten down the upper set screw. This will lock in the coil tail.


Step 7:

Check and make sure the coil is centered inside the upper ring and it is not making contact with any of the sides.


Step 8:

Screw the lower ring onto the upper ring, making sure the loose coil tail is inside the lower ring.


Step 9:

Loosen the set screw in the base plate. 


Step 10:

Insert the coil tail end into the center hole of the base plate. Making sire the set screw side is the bottom. 


Step 11:

Push the base plate into the insulator that is in the lower ring. 


Step 12:

Once the base plate is fully inserted, tighten the set screw on the base plate to lock in the coil tail. 


Step 13:

Using your flush cut wire cutters trim the coil tails on both ends. If you do not have flush cutters, use a pair of pliers, grab the tail and bend it back and forth until the tail breaks off.


Step 14:

Insert the RTA coil head into the Triton's base plate. 


Step 15:

Screw your Base plate with the RTA head onto your ohm reader and test the ohms. 


Step 16:

Screw the base plate with the RTA coil head onto your device and pulse fire it, to test the coil and burn off any debris. 


Step 17:

Unscrew the base from your battery. 


Step 18:

Cut your Cotton to the width you want and make the strip the length of the cotton pad. 

Twist one end of the cotton to a point and make the twisted part long enough to go through the RTA head. 


Step 19:

Insert the cotton into the wick hole with a  twisting motion while pushing the cotton in. Continue this motion till the pointed end of the cotton comes out the other side of the RTA head. 

Pull the cotton through till the twisted part of the cotton is all the way through. 


Step 20:

Cut the cotton sticking out of the sides of the upper ring/ wick holes. Do not cut it flush, you will want a little bit still sticking out.


Step 21:

Using the end of your screw driver, push the extra wicking material sticking out back into the wick holes. Just enough to be inside the upper ring. 


Step 22:

Prime the RTA coil head by dripping 3-4 drops of e-liquid down the center of the coil head. 




You are not ready to screw the base plate back onto the tank and fill your tank. 

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