Upgrading from the Inferno.



Are you ready to upgrade to a box mod to get a better vape/longer battery life than what you are getting now from your Inferno (ego-style) or even your mech mod?

This article will help you make your decision and help you decide which model is best suited for you. Below we will introduce you to the models of box mods Volcano currently carries, and help see if a box mod is the next step for you to take in your vaping journey. 


Table of Contents:

Heating Elements
Device Differences 
Internal/External Batteries
Battery Safety
Sub Ohm
Recommended Starter Kits


Meet Volcano's Box Mods



The Inferno battery is a great starting point to enter the world of vaping, It is simple to learn and use and the investment is small it get into vaping to see if it is right to for you. But many find that once they have made the switch to vaping that the Inferno is just not enough for them. Either they are looking for more battery life, bigger clouds, a stronger hit or something else. They move on to bigger and better devices, mainly box mods (or mech mods, but mechs are for a much more advanced user). 

To start lets cover the stats of the Inferno battery so you know where you started so you can know where the advances of the box mods are:

Inferno Stats:

  • 3.7v Fixed. The battery has a fixed 3.7 voltage. Meaning it averages 3.7v through the charge cycle. Fully charged it is at 4.2v and when the charge is depleted it will be around 3.2v. That is why you can notice the battery is not hitting as hard when it is closer to needing to be recharged. 
  • 650mah or 900mah. Milli-amp hour is how much power the battery has, meaning how long before needing to be reached. The larger the mah the more vaping you can get out of the battery before needing to recharge. 
  • USB Charging. The Inferno batteries charge via a USB charge port at the bottom of the battery and is the only way to recharge the battery. you can not remove the internal battery pack.
  • Straight voltage. Not able to adjust voltage, so the only way to get a stronger hit is to use a lower resistance (ohm) heating element. But you can not use too low of a resistance, the Inferno will not safely fire a coil lower than 1.2Ω

Box mods are a larger device, that can either be regulated or unregulated. Regulated boxes are devices that have control chips in them to control the power delivered and provide many safety features. Unregulated box mods are just straight power from the batteries to the heating element and generally contain little to no safety features. This article will only be covering regulated devices as that is the only type of box mods Volcano carries. 

Regulated box mods are equipped with regulating chips and feature variable voltage, wattage power outputs, and some offer temperature control. Which mean that with a few clicks of a button you can adjust the settings of a box mod until you have dialed in your perfect vape. 

Some box mods can deliver up to 200 watts of power, although most vapers will not need this much power to achieve their daily vape, it is a nice option to have for certain situations. 

Box Mods can have many different settings and options. Some will have more than others. Some boxes will have easier to use interfaces will others will take some memorizing of button pushes to achieve what you what to adjust. 

Options available on box mods:
Not all devices will have these options, this is just a list of what you can expect to find on various devices.

  • Variable Voltage
  • Variable Wattage
  • Temperature Control
  • Internal Battery Pack
  • Replaceable Batteries
  • Stealth Mods
  • Left/Right Display Option
  • Power Lock
  • Upgrade-able Firmware
  • Downloadable Software
  • Programmable Custom Screens
  • User Profiles
  • On-board Charging
  • Pass-through Capable (Charge and Use)


Box Mod User Level Chart

  Intermediate  Advanced Expert
Eleaf iStick TC40W



Kangertech Subox Mini


Joyetech eVic VTC Mini


Pioneer4You IPV D2


Eleaf iStick 100W





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Heating Elements:

When Upgrading from your Inferno setup, you will most likely be upgrading your heating element as well. If you like your inferno BC Tube Tank and wish to continue using it with your new box mod you will need to use an adapter like this one: 

Volcano does offer many amazing heating element options to complement your new box mod. Volcano does offer a starter kit for each box mod that includes a heating element. But any of the following will work great on your new box mod. 

Some of the above heating elements are rebuildable atomizers and others use replaceable coil heads. Some of the tanks that use replaceable heads have different options in ohm ratings and coil material. Kantahl being the basic coil material, other materials are Nickel and Titanium. Ni and Ti are both used for devices that have the Temperature Control feature. 

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Device Differences:

 Box mods have many different features and functions, but most have the basics. For a full list of options available on devices, please refer to the Basics section above. 

Below you will find a list of some of the most commonly asked about features when buying a box mod. 

  Lavabox iStick 40w iStick 100w

Variable Wattage

Yes   Yes Yes

Stealth Mode

Yes  No No

Removable Batteries

Replaceable Pack   No


2x 18650 

Upgrade-able Firmware

 Yes  No  No


Yes No No

Temperature Control

Yes Yes Yes

Wattage Range

1w- 200w 1w- 40w 5w- 100w

Battery Capacity

900mah 3 cell 
Battery Dependent




  Evic VTC Mini Subox Mini IPV D2

Variable Wattage

Yes  Yes Yes

Stealth Mode

Yes  No  No

Removable Batteries

1x 18650
1x 18650
1x 18650

Upgrade-able Firmware

Yes  No No


Yes No No


Yes No Yes

Wattage Range

1w- 60w 7w- 50w 7w- 75w
Battery Capacity
Battery Dependent Battery Dependent Battery Dependent


What is Temperature Control?

Temperature control vaping is the latest technology that has come from the vaping industry; it allows the user to limit the temperature that their coil will be heated to when they are vaping. In truth though, calling it “temperature control” is not necessarily correct since the devices don’t actually have a temperature sensor in the way that we know that thermometers work.

Instead these regulated mods and the chips inside of them rely on the temperature coefficient nature of the coil, which is basically the change in the resistance of the coil as it is heated by the device. When a specific resistance change is measured, the device will then automatically restrict, adjust or stop power from going to the coil in order for it to keep the coil at the desired temperature setting that is set by the user. 

Temperature sensing devices will only work with Ni200 Pure Nickel wire or Pure Titanium wire. This is due to the fact that these two wires have a more accurately measurable relationship between resistance and its temperature, which is referred to as its temperature coefficient. Basically, as the coil heats up, the resistance also rises, the increase in the resistance is a relatively constant value that is based on its temperature. With this information the device can use the change in the wire’s resistance to roughly gauge and then control the coil’s temperature within about 10 degrees F.

Coils that are used with temperature control devices are very different from standard Nichrome 80 or Kanthal A-1 that vapers usually build their coils with. Ni200 Nickel and Titanium wires have very little electrical resistance, this requires a coil made from these wires to have more wraps, sometimes double the amount that a coil built from Kanthal or Nichrome would need. More wraps are required to “slow down” how quickly the Ni200 or Ti coils heat up because of its low resistance properties.



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Internal/External Batteries:

Some devices come with internal battery packs and others use replaceable 18650's. The Lavabox uses a serviceable Lipo battery pack. Below you will find a chart covering what type of battery each device uses. 


Lavabox iStick 40w iStick 100w  Evic VTC Mini Subox Mini IPV D2

Internal Battery
Not replaceable 

 -  Yes  -  -  -

Replaceable 18650(s)

 - Yes 2  Yes   Yes  Yes

Replaceable Battery Pack
(when pack has failed only)

Yes - - - - -

The way you charge your device batteries can also help in making the decision on which device you want. Some people like to not have to worry about changing out batteries and having to have a charger to charge 18650's. Others want to have the option to change out a battery if it dies while away from a power source. But carrying spare batteries can be dangerous. (please see Battery Safety below)


Lavabox iStick 40w iStick 100w  Evic VTC Mini Subox Min IPV D2

USB Charging

Micro  Micro Micro Micro  Micro  -

Special Charging Cord

No  No No No No  Yes

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Battery Safety:

Battery safety is the most important aspect of vaping. At VOLCANO, we always want to keep you on the safe side of your vaping and one way we can help you do so is by providing you with knowledge, tools, and accessories you can use with your vape supplies. 

A silicone 18650-battery sleeve or 2 cell/ 4 cell hard case can keep your batteries safely stored when not in use.

Remember, never keep loose batteries in a pocket or bag as they may touch a metallic item and puts them in a risk of accidental firing. Both of these cases are made to keep your batteries well protected from accidental firing especially if you are the type to throw batteries in a pocket or bag. They will also keep your batteries safe from damage in case of accidental drops.


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What is Sub Ohm?:

In the simplest of terms, if you vape with a device that has a coil resistance that is below 1 ohm, you are technically sub ohm vaping. But why would you need to go below 1 ohm if your devices previous to the sub ohm device produced a satisfying amount of vapor for you? Take a look at Ohm’s Law and get familiar with its principles as it is the first thing you need to understand even before you decide to take a shot at vaping at a rate below 1 ohm.

In Ohm’s Law, if you lower the ohm rating (resistance - R) of your atomizer, it will increase the power output (watts - I) of your device and will generate more vapor. If you use an unregulated mechanical mod, which have a fixed voltage, the only way that you can increase the power and vapor output of your device is by lowering your coils’ resistance. This is how sub-ohm vaping came to be.

It is very important to point out that when resistance is lowered on a device, the more amperage is needed. This will cause your battery and coil to generate a lot more heat. If you are serious about trying your hand at sub-ohm vaping, you should NEVER go over the amp limit of your batteries as doing so can lead to serious battery failure very quickly. You need to have a basic understanding of Ohm’s Law and how electronics work before diving into rebuildable atomizers and coil building. Learn about the importance of understanding Ohm’s Law for a safe vape.

Features of Sub Ohm Vaping:

Massive vapor production

Bigger wick and coil setups uses more battery life to spread heat over a larger surface area that vaporizes the e-liquid. This causes much more vapor to be produced with each pull, which when coupled with a huge lung capacity turns into the enormous clouds that cloud-chasers can produce.

Better flavor reproduction

This is more dependent on the type of wick and coil that the vaper uses, but it is well known that if done right, a user can fine-tune their build to produce better and strong flavor.

What wick or wire is right for your vape?

Reduces battery life due to higher amp draw

More power needed means a shorter lifespan for your batteries. But this isn’t a bad thing. Just make sure that you purchase high quality batteries, take good care of them, use them in rotation and keep a few (in a battery case) with you when on the go.

More warmth

Because the resistance of the coil is lower and uses more power, this equals more heat that gets pulled off of the build. A lot of vapers enjoy the warmer vape produced by sub ohm coils as they feel it reminds them of their old cigarette.


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Recommended Starter Kits:

Volcano recommends both the Kangertech Subox Mini Starter Kit and the Eleaf iStick 40w Starter Kit as a great starting point for those looking to move up from the Inferno to a box mod. They are both great device and with the starter kits include everything you need to get up and vaping right away. 

Each kit is great and offer slightly different options depending on which way you want to go. 

The Kangertech Subox Mini:

The Kanger is a straight forward variable wattage box mod. It is the next step up from the Inferno. Think of it as a larger Inferno battery. It has the fire button with the 5 click on/off button, and charges via a USB port near the bottom of the device. 

The differences between the Kanger Subox Mini and the Inferno other than the size, is that the Subox Mini has a removable battery so if you battery is depleted you can easily replace it and not have to be tied to a power source till the battery is charged again. Although you can charge the battery with the on board charger as well. The other difference is that the Subox Mini is a variable wattage device. Meaning you can turn up the power. So you can fine turn your vape. 

With the kit it also includes the Subtank, which is a Sub Ohm Tank, it comes with 2 different ohm coil heads as well as a rebuildable deck. 

This Starter Kit is the best for someone looking to just step up from the Inferno to a bigger battery and a little more hard hitting Tank. For more information on the Kangertech Subox Mini kit please refer to this article


The Eleaf iStick 40w:

 The iStick 40w is the next step up from the Kanger Subox Mini. It is a simple interface and functions the same as the Knager Subox Mini, but it also has a Temperature Control feature. 

The iStick 40w has a self contained battery pack so you don't have to worry about 18650's.

You can run in variable wattage mode or in Temperature control mode, allowing you to use sub ohm tanks and tanks with temperature sensing coils. 

This Starter Kit is the best for someone looking to just step up from the Inferno to a bigger battery and a little more hard hitting Tank, but with the added advantage of Temperature Control. . For more information on the Eleaf iStick 40w kit please refer to this article, and since the iStick 40w kit is bundled with the Tube Tank Pro please refer to these articles for more info on that Tank. 


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 If you have any further questions about finding the perfect step up for you when upgrading from the Inferno to a box mod please contact our customer service agents, or reach out to fellow vapers in our Community

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