Kangertech Subox Mini Instructions


Stylish and elegant, the Kanger Subox Mini is available in black with red accents or white with black accents, both the matching clearomizer and battery are coated with aqueous ceramic coating, which adds a beautiful, durable finish and includes a matching delrin drip tip. The tank itself is built from superior-grade aluminum alloy, the device is solid, lightweight and durable. Its size is suited to fit comfortably in the user’s hand, for ease and comfort during use. Additionally, the Subox Mini has been designed with a magnetic cutaway battery door for convenient and effortless battery replacement. In the event that the battery dies and a spare battery is unavailable, the Subox Kit has been engineered as a pass-through device, which allows the user to vape on their device as it charges via a USB charging cord (sold-separately).

Powered by the much improved KBOX Mini Box Mod, the Kanger Subox Mini is more powerful and advanced than ever. The Subox is a variable wattage device that can be adjusted from 7 watts all the way up to an impressive 50 watts of power in 0.1 watt increments. This versatility in power allows the vaper to utilize a wide selection of atomizers from sub ohm tanks to rebuildable atomizers with varying resistances. The much-improved brilliant white OLED screen displays the Subox’s settings, which include voltage, wattage, battery life and current resistance of the RDA or tank that is being used.

The Kanger Subox Mini also includes the Subtank Mini Hybrid Tank. This very innovative tank is one of the first to combine both a clearomizer and rebuildable atomizer all in one. This allows the user to choose between a clearomizer tank setup that uses pre-built coils to an RBA that features custom-built coils to their own preferences.

The Subtank Mini has also been machined from durable stainless steel and features a replaceable Pyrex glass tank. The Subtank Mini can hold up to 4.5ml of e-liquid to allow the user to vape all day without the need constant refilling. This tank is also equipped with Kanger’s dual airflow control valve that allows the user to dial in the perfect amount of airflow they desire for their vape.

A rebuildable atomizer is also included in the Subox Mini, which has been redesigned with a much larger base compared to its predecessor. The larger base gives ample room for a coil build with bigger wicking holes for more e-liquid flow throughout the system. Batteries are NOT included in this kit. Purchase LAVACELL 18650 batteries here.

Kanger KBOX Box Mod Features:

  • Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Design & Treated with Aqueous Ceramic Coating
  • Variable Wattage Settings from 7 watts to 50 watts in 0.1 watt increments
  • Brilliant White OLED Screen
  • Magnetic Battery Door
  • Passthrough vaping capable
  • 10-second cutoff protection
  • Protects from:
  • Low Voltage
  • Low Resistance
  • Short Circuit
  • Reverse Polarity
  • Dual airflow control valve

Kanger KBOX Specs:

  • Threading: 510
  • Available finishes: Black with red accents or White with black accents
  • Wattage: Adjustable from 7w to 50w (0.1w increments)
  • Height: 89mm
  • Length: 40mm
  • Width: 20mm-25mm

Kanger Subtank Mini Features:

  • Built 304 Stainless Steel & Coated with Aqueous Ceramic
  • Colors: Black, White or Stainless Steel
  • Features Dual-Airflow Control Valve
  • Uses Kanger’s Organic Cotton Coils (OCC)
  • 0.5 ohms or 1.5 ohms
  • 4.5ml E-liquid Capacity
  • Can be used as a Clearomizer or Rebuildable Atomizer
  • Has a large base for custom coils builds
  • Replaceable Pyrex Glass Tank


Device Anatomy 

  1. Micro USB Charge Port
  2. Up and Down Adjustment Buttons
  3. OLED Screen
  4. 510 Threaded Connection
  5. Battery Bay Cover (attached with magnets)
  6. Fire Button


Installing Battery 

To install a battery into your new Kangertech Subox:

  • Grip the body of the device in one hand and the Battery Bay cover with the other.
  • The Battery Bay cover is held on with 4 strong magnets so you just need to pull firmly on the battery bay cover and it will pop right off. 
  • Insert your Lavacell battery into the battery bay following the + and - markings on the inside of the battery bay. The Negative post is spring loaded. 
  • Place the Battery Bay cover back on the battery. The magnets will snap the cover back into place. 
  • Make sure the cover is on firmly. 
  • You are now ready to use your device. 

Once your battery is installed following the above directions, you may need to turn your device on. To turn your device on please press the Fire Button 5 times fast. Once the device is turned on your will be greeted by the Kangertech welcome screen then your device will turn on and ready to use. 


Charging your Subox

You have 2 options to charge your Subox. You can either remove your Lavacell battery from the device and charge it via the Nitcore Charger, or you can use the on-board charging option. 

External charging:

  • remove battery from device
  • Follow charging instructions for the Nitcore Charger.

Internal charging:

  • When the battery level display indicates that the battery needs charging, plug one end of the supplied USB charging cable into your device. 
  • Plug the other end of the charging cable into a USB power source (a computer usb port or usb wall plug). 
  • Leave the device plugged in until the battery indicator displays fully charged. 
  • Once the battery is fully charged unplug the USB cable form the device.  (Never leave a battery charging unattended)

While charging your device with the USB cable you can still use your Subox. 


Adjusting the wattage

Adjusting the wattage on your Kangertech Subox is easy. 

Simply press the up or down button on the device to adjust the wattage to the desired setting. Make sure the wattage and ohms of your setup does not exceed the Amp limit of your battery, you can do this by using ohms law. For more info please refer to this ARTICLE


Firing the Kangertech Subox

To fire your Subox, press and hold the fire button. Inhale on your atomizer. The Subox has a 10 second cut off, once you reach the 10 seconds of holding down the fire button, the Subox will stop supplying power to the atomizer and display "10 sec over". If you reach this cutoff, release the fire button and wait a few moments for the message to clear the screen and then your device will be ready to use again. 


Left or right handed display

To switch between left and right handed display settings;

  • With the device on:
  • Press and hold the + and - buttons together for 3 seconds.
  • The screen will flip to the opposite orientation.
  • Repeat again to flip it back.  
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