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Congratulations on your new Lavabox by Volcano, Here you will find everything you need to know about your Lavabox. 

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 Introducing the much anticipated LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod by VOLCANO. A true masterpiece of a vaping device, each aspect of the LAVABOX has been meticulously designed to offer the best vaping experience in performance and appeal.

The LAVABOX DNA 200 has been precision-machined from 6061-billet aluminum metal alloy, an alloy that is most commonly used for the construction of aircraft wings and fuselages due to its strength yet lightweight properties. This aluminum alloy is also known to be resistant to corrosion even if its surface is scratched. This makes the LAVABOX a remarkably strong and durable device that will provide a long-lasting and dependable device that will last a user for many years.

The LAVABOX DNA 200’s 6061-billet aluminum shell is treated with a black anodization process, which increases the range of the natural layer of oxide that is found on the surface of the metal alloy. This treatment gives the device an amplified resistance to corrosion and daily wear and tear. Once the anodization process has been completed, the body of the LAVABOX is then coated in a superior-grade oxidized black paint, which gives the device an added textural feel for an anti-slip finish.

As if the anti-slip texture wasn’t enough, the LAVABOX is also wrapped in a sturdy black rubberized grip to provide both an appealing, rugged look and added security to the user while the device is being used. The removable grip is built from durable high-quality polypropylene plastic and dipped into a protective rubber coating for a hardwearing finish on this ultra-sleek device that gives an ergonomic and comfortable user experience. The LAVABOX’s grip comes standard in Stealth Black, but comes available in Crimson Red, Azure Blue, and Taffeta White to suit the user’s taste.

The LAVABOX DNA 200 is furnished with a universal stainless steel 510-connector that is surrounded by eight bored airflow channels that lead air directly into the atomizer for increased airflow and added vapor production. The center pin of the device is spring-loaded, a characteristic that virtually ensures a solid connection between the LAVABOX and any atomizer or tank that is used. This center pin has also been gold-plated for superior electrical conductivity, which affords unmatched operating capabilities especially if the device is used in temperature control mode.

The LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod is equipped with a crystal clear HD OLED operating screen. This screen is able to display a multitude of information regarding the device’s current user settings and allows the user to easily monitor and modify the diverse settings of the device. The HD OLED screen can display the current wattage / voltage settings, the temperature of the atomizer coil (in temp control mode), the resistance of the atomizer coil, the remaining battery life and even a puff counter based on the user’s rate of use.

The LAVABOX is also backed by EVOLV’s EScribe software. EScribe is a managing software program that offers 93 separate customization options for the LAVABOX. With this program installed into the user’s computer and the device plugged in via the USB port located at the front of the LAVABOX, the user will be able to customize their vaping settings based on their preferences. EScribe then allows the specific settings to be downloaded into the LAVABOX, which makes for direct access to their specifications while on the go. EScribe even accepts up to 8 different user profiles based on what tank, atomizer or resistance is used. With EScribe, any user can configure specific settings in different profiles for each coil, tank, atomizer that they use and can quickly set the device to the correct profile for a user experience that’s as easy as twist on, choose profile, prime and vape!

Like the LAVATUBE devices, the LAVABOX DNA 200 is also a variable voltage and wattage vaping device. The wattage can be adjusted from 1 watt to an astonishing 200 watts of vaping power. This incredible range of wattage settings allows the LAVABOX to be used with virtually any resistance atomizer coil build that truly makes for a mod that can be enjoyed by any vaper whether they prefer standard or sub ohm resistances.

In addition to the LAVABOX’s amazing wattage capabilities is its temperature control, sensing and limiting capability. When used with Ni200 Pure Nickel or Titanium coils, this cutting-edge device is able to accurately set the temperature of the coil build of the atomizer. This temperature control technology can essentially guard a user from experiencing dry hits, burnt out coils and vapor that is uncomfortably warm. In temperature control mode, the user can also dial in on the perfect temperature of their vape may it be a satisfying warm or a refreshing cool.

What powers all of this vaping technology? The LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod is backed by a powerful 900-mAh 3-cell lithium polymer battery that can give any vaper a full day of vaping satisfaction without the need for constant charging or swapping batteries. 

This charging ability is made possible through the micro USB port located at the front of the device. Not only does it allow the device to be charged, this port also gives the LAVABOX its access to EVOLV’s EScribe software and gives the user the ability to update their device’s firmware so the LAVABOX always stays up to date on the latest in vaping technology.

The LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod is a stunning, powerful and feature-rich vaping device that is supported by a host of safety features. Any user can vape with confidence with the LAVABOX’s protective features like short circuit protection, over-discharge protection, under and over-voltage protection, over current protection and lock/unlock features.

An exceptionally advanced, beautifully engineered device, the LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod is truly the pinnacle of vaping technology and is the only DNA 200 box mod that you will ever need.


LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod Features:

  • Material: Superior-Grade 6061-Aluminum Alloy
  • Grip Material: Rubber-coated Polypropylene Plastic
  • Variable Voltage / Wattage
  • Temperature Control / Limiting Capable
  • HD OLED Screen
  • EScribe with Upgradeable Firmware & 8 User Profiles


Protection Features:

  • - Over-Discharge
  • - Under / Over Voltage
  • - Short Circuit
  • - Over-Current
  • - Lock/Unlock Capable


LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod Specs:

  • Threading: 510-connector
  • Connecting Pin: Spring-loaded & Gold-plated Stainless Steel
  • Power Output: 1 Watt – 200 Watts
  • Voltage Output: 0.5 Volts – 9.0 Volts
  • Chipset: EVOLV’s DNA 200 Chipset
  • Software: EScribe
  • Dimensions: 46.19mm x 28.15mm x 94.87mm
  • Battery: Removable Lithium Polymer 900-mAh 3 Cell
  • Current Output (Continuous): 50 Amps
  • Current Output (Instantaneous Peak): 55 Amps
  • Temperature Limit: 200°F - 600°F
  • Grip Colors: Stealth Black (standard), Crimson Red, Azure Blue & Taffeta White


LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod Includes:

  • (1) LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod
  • (1) Micro USB Cable
  • (1) User Manual
  • (1) Gift Box 

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Getting to know your device:

Device Anatomy:


  1. 510 threaded connection with spring loaded center pin.
  2. Power/fire button.
  3. HD OLED screen.
  4. Up(+) & down(-) buttons.
  5. USB charge port/ data port.
  6. Airflow grooves.
  7. Rubberized grip.
  8. Battery bay door.

OLED Screen Anatomy:

  1. Ohm reading.
  2. Output voltage.
  3. Battery indicator.
  4. Temperature display. When not firing- set max temp, when firing actual coil temp. 
  5. Wattage setting. 

Note: Screen layouts can be modified in the EScribe software, this is the general default layout and information displayed. Any of the following items can be displayed during operation or charging in lieu of the standard Ohms, Volts or Temperature displays. The Escribe PC software is used to change the display settings. A detailed description of each item can be found in the Escribe manual

Battery Charge Output Current Average Output Power of the most recent puff
Battery Pack Voltage USB Voltage Average Temperature of the most recent puff
Cell 1 Voltage USB Current Total Energy of the most recent puff
Cell 2 Voltage Board Temperature Duration of the most recent puff
Cell 3 Voltage Room Temperature Puff Count

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Basic Functions:

Locking/Unlocking the Lavabox:

To lock or unlock the Lavabox, press the fire button 5 times in quick secession.


Stealth Mode:

With the Lavabox locked, press and hold the Fire and Down(-) buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. In this mode the screen will not light up when the Lavabox is fired. The screen will still display error messages and Lock messages. 

To switch back to normal mode, again starting with the Lavabox locked. Press and hold the Fire and Down(-) buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds.


Flip Screen Orientation: 

This feature can only be done through the EScribe software. 


Adjusting Wattage:

To adjust the wattage, press and hold either the Up(+) or Down(-) buttons till you reach the desired wattage. The longer you hold the button down the faster the wattage will change. The wattage will not round robin from 200w to 1w or 1w to 200w.


Power Locked Mode:

With the Lavabox turned on, press and hold the UP(+) and Down(-) buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds. With Power Locked turned on the Lavabox will work normally, but the Up and Down buttons will not change the power setting. This setting will prevent the power setting from changing while the Lavabox is in a pocket or purse. 

To turn off Power Lock mode, press and hold the Up and Down buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds. 


Resistance Lock:

The Lavabox relies on the cold resistance of the atomizer to measure temperature accurately. If the connection is not stable or if you find the measured resistance drifts with time, it may be desirable to lock the atomizer resistance.

To lock the resistance; Start with the device locked, press and hold the fire and Up(+) buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds.

In this mode, the Lavabox will use the present atomizer cold resistance without refinement until the atomizer is disconnected or the resistance lock is disabled. A lock symbol will replace the ohm symbol on the display. To disable resistance lock, repeat the procedure to lock it.


Max Temperature Adjust:

With the Lavabox locked; hold down the Up(+) and Down(-) buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds. 

Once in this mode, the max temp will be displayed. The Up and Down buttons are used to adjust the max temp to the desired setting. Once you have the desired max temp displayed lock in the setting by tapping the Fire button once. Pressing the Fire button also exists the setting menu. 


Turning On/Off Temperature Control:

With the Lavabox locked; hold down the Up(+) and Down(-) buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds. 

Once in this mode, the max temp will be displayed, or the word "OFF" if temp control is off. 

To turn off temp control:

  • hold the Up button until the screen reads "OFF" once it reaches that it will no longer continue to scroll.
  • To lock in this setting press the fire button. You device is now ready to be turned on and used in Power only mode.

To turn on Temp control:

  • When the screen is displaying "OFF" press the Down button. It will now display the max temp setting. Adjust this temperature accordingly. 
  • To lock in this setting press the fire button. You device is now ready to be turned on and used in Power only mode.


Selecting Profiles:

The Lavabox allows you to save and select between eight groups of output settings. Each group of output settings is called a Profile. Profiles can be set up using the Escribe software. The Lavabox does not come with profiles pre-setup. Please see the Escribe section below for more info on how to setup profiles. 

To switch profiles; put the Lavabox into Power lock mode (see above), tap either the UP(+) or Down(-) button 2 times, this will bring up the profile selection menu. Use the Up and Down buttons to cycle through the profiles. To select a profile tap the fire button. 

Straight out of the box the Lavabox has all 8 profiles with the same setting:

  • 100watt max power
  • 200pre-heat for 2 seconds
  • Nickel wire
  • no drag cut off

These settings can be changed in the EScribe software.


Auto Power Down:

The screen will be at full brightness while firing. After 10 seconds with no button presses, the screen will dim. 30 seconds after the last button press, the screen will fade out and the device will go into sleep mode. To wake the device, press the fire button.


Temperature Protection:

The Lavabox DNA 200 directly measures and limits the temperature of the heating coil during operation. By preventing the coil from becoming too hot regardless of fluid, wicking or airflow, a variety of undesirable situations can be prevented. For example, appropriate temperature settings will prevent the wicking material from charring, which compromises taste and introduces unintended chemicals into the vapor. Appropriate temperature settings will also reduce the breakdown of flavoring and base liquid components, which could impact taste or safety.

Evolv’s Temperature Protection Technology requires a heating coil made from Nickel 200 alloy or other materials with a well-defined temperature coefficient of resistance, rather than Nickel Chromium or Kanthal alloys. If the temperature reaches the maximum value, the wattage applied to the atomizer coil is reduced to prevent overheating. Please note that the temperature reading is the average temperature of the atomizer coil, and care should be taken to construct the heating coil so that the temperature is uniform, without hot or cold spots.

Because wattage, not temperature controls vapor volume, large vapor volumes can be produced without unnecessarily high temperatures. Temperature Protection is most helpful if the atomizer begins to dry out, the user pauses during a puff, the beginning or end of the puff, or if the wattage setting is inappropriate for the attached atomizer.

In normal operation, when the device is not firing the maximum temperature setting is displayed on the screen. When the device is firing, the actual average temperature of the coil is displayed on the screen.


Switching from Fahrenheit to Celsius:

To switch to Celsius temperature, adjust temperature down to 200° Fahrenheit, then press the DOWN button one additional time. The temperature will switch to reading and adjusting in Celsius.


Disable Temperature Protection:

To disable the temperature protection entirely, adjust the limit up to 600 degrees, then press the UP button one additional time. The temperature limit will read OFF.



When the Lavabox is used with a temperature sensing atomizer, an additional feature called Preheat is activated. No vapor is produced when the temperature is below the boiling point of the liquid. Preheat applies extra power until the heating coil is up to operating temperature to shorten the delay between pressing the fire button and generating vapor. Because preheat is temperature based, it will not overheat or burn the vapor.

While in temp mode straight out of the box the Lavabox has pre-heat set at 200 watts for 2 seconds. This can adjusted in the EScribe software



Attaching a New Atomizer:

The Lavabox uses the resistance of the atomizer to calculate the temperature of the heating coil (when in temperature mode). It continually looks to see whether a new or changed atomizer has been connected. If you are using temperature protection, be careful to only attach new atomizers that have cooled to room temperature. If a new atomizer is attached to the Lavabox before it has cooled down, the temperature may read and protect incorrectly until the new atomizer cools. When you connect a new atomizer or disconnect and reconnect your existing atomizer, the Lavabox will prompt you to confirm this change. When you fire the first time, before activating the Lavabox will prompt “New Coil? UP YES/DOWN NO”. When you see this prompt, if you have attached a new atomizer, press the UP button. If you have disconnected and reconnected the same atomizer, press the DOWN button.



The Lavabox has a built in 1A USB charger. It automatically detects the type of USB power supply it is connected to, so it can be plugged into standard PC USB ports or higher power chargers.


Simply plug the mini USB charging cable into any USB port or wall adapter. The Lavabox can be fully charged from depleted in just 30 minutes when using the supplied wall adapter. 

You can vape with your Lavabox while it is charging as well. 


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EScribe Basics:


EScribe from EVOLV will allow users to dial in their perfect vape customized to their wants and needs. With EScribe they are able to change their temperature or wattage settings, switch up the look of their LAVABOX’s screen, upgrade their firmware, control screen brightness, toggle between notifications and much more.

Access the “Device Monitor” feature via EScribe, this feature allows the user to monitor the current settings of their device during real-time usage. The user is able to select the information that they would like to view in a simple graph, for example their actual wattage setting versus their set wattage, set temperature versus actual temperature, voltage, current, battery life or even the voltage of each battery cell in the unit. With the “Device Monitor” feature, a user will be able to view exactly how their mod is performing during actual usage.  

See important information at a glance. The LAVABOX’s screen displays its remaining battery life, atomizer resistance, set wattage and output voltage or temperature depending on whether temperature control mode is on. This information can also be disabled or changed via the EScribe software.


Download EScribe Software


Learn how to use EScribe


Read the EScribe User Manual


Note: At this time EScribe only works in Windows environments. If you are using a Mac, you will need to use a Virtual Windows environment on your Mac to be able to use EScribe to make software changes to your Lavabox DNA 200.

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Changing Grips:


The LAVABOX Rubberized Grips are built for use with the LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod. Each grip has been molded out of high-grade polypropylene plastic to form a solid shell; it is then dipped into construction grade rubber coating to create a sturdy and durable grip that provides an ergonomic and secure feel to the LAVABOX while in use.

These grips come in three bolds colors—Crimson Red, Azure Blue and Taffeta White to allow the user to suit the device to their taste and switch out the Stealth Black rubber grip that comes standard with the LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod.

Striking, as they are purposeful, the cross-hatching pattern of the rubberized grips offers additional traction and added style.


LAVABOX Rubberized Grips Features:

  • Designed to fit the LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod
  • Material: High-quality Polypropylene Plastic
  • Coating: Construction-grade rubber
  • Pattern: Cross-hatching for additional grip
  • Available Colors: Crimson Red, Azure Blue, and Taffeta White
  • Attaches with 4 Screws

The rubberized grips can be easily switched out using a screwdriver and removing the 4 screws that attach the grip to the LAVABOX, afterwards, pop on the desired color, twist the screws back in and delight in the new look of your device.

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Error Messages: 

Check Atomizer:
The DNA does not detect an atomizer, the atomizer has shorted out, or the atomizer resistance is incorrect for the power setting.

The atomizer or wiring are short circuited.

Weak Battery:
The battery needs to be charged, or a higher rate battery needs to be used. If this happens, the Lavabox will continue to fire the atomizer, but will not be able to provide the desired wattage. The Weak Battery message will continue to flash for a few seconds after the end of puff.

Temperature Protected:
The heating coil reached the maximum allowed temperature during the puff. If this happens, the Lavabox will continue to fire, but will not be able to provide the desired wattage.

Ohms Too High:
The resistance of the atomizer coil is too high for the current wattage setting. If this happens, the Lavabox will continue to fire, but will not be able to provide the desired wattage. The Ohms Too High message will continue to flash for a few seconds after the end of puff.

Ohms Too Low:
The resistance of the atomizer coil is too low for the current wattage setting. If this happens, the Lavabox will continue to fire, but will not be able to provide the desired wattage. The Ohms Too Low message will continue to flash for a few seconds after the end of puff.

Too Hot:
The Lavabox has onboard temperature sensing. It will shut down and display this message if the internal board temperature becomes excessive. 

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