What is a Kanger Subtank RBA Plus coil head?

The Kanger Subtank Mini RBA Plus coil head is a rebuildable coil head designed for use in the Kanger Subtank Mini. This RBA coil head allows you to build your own coils at what ever ohms you like and allows you more control over your vaping experience over the pre-built coils. It allows the user to build using their favorite type and gauge of wire as well as any wicking material they like. 

The Kanger Subtank Mini RBA Plus comes included with the Kanger Subtank Mini as an optional coil replacement head. 


Device Anatomy 

  1. Chamber top cap
  2. Chamber tube
  3. Negative post
  4. Coil
  5. Positive post
  6. Side screw (holds the chamber tube to the build deck)
  7. Build deck
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