What is a Aspire Triton Sub-Ohm Tank




Aspire’s Triton Sub-Ohm Tank-Style system is one of the most exceptional sub ohm clearomizers currently available on the vaping market. The Triton tank is machined out of high-grade 304-stainless steel for a durable and sturdy device that is corrosion resistant. The tank boasts a capacity of 3.5ml of e-liquid and is made of tempered Pyrex glass for added durability against all types of e-liquids. To ward off the possibility of the glass breaking, the Triton features a stainless steel shell that encases the Pyrex glass tank, not only does it protect against damage, it also adds to its aesthetic quality.


The Aspire Triton Sub-Ohm Tank is also a top-fill system, with this tank, the user no longer needs to remove the tank from the battery / mod that is being used. Instead, the tank can be simply filled by removing the drip tip and filling the tank through the designed e-liquid filling hole for an effortless refilling experience. This tank also features a stainless steel wide mouth drip tip and is a mouthpiece that has been painstakingly designed to provide the user with immense vapor clouds and full-bodied flavor production. This drip tip includes a brilliantly designed top cooling airflow regulator right underneath the drip tip. This feature allows the user to adjust the temperature of their vape with a simple twist open for cooler vapor or closed for a warmer vape.


In addition to the airflow valve, the Aspire Triton also has a second airflow ring located at the bottom of the tank. This rings allows the user to accurately control the amount of air that is pulled into the tank when in use. This customization will let the user choose the type of vape they want based on their exact desires, more airflow equals more vapor but less flavor versus less airflow for less vapor but more flavor.


The Aspire Triton Sub-Ohm is not only a clearomizer style tank with remarkable replaceable atomizer coils, but it can also be used as a rebuildable atomizer (RBA / RTA). Aspire offers a rebuilable kit for the Triton that is available separately, which allows users to build their own coils. Feature-rich and easily customizable, the Aspire Triton Sub-Ohm tank is one of the most exceptional tanks currently available in the vaping industry.


Aspire Triton Sub-Ohm Tank Features:


Built from Stainless Steel

Pyrex Glass Tank & Steel Encasing

Wide-Mouth Drip Tip

Dual Airflow Control Valves

Convertible to RBA/RTA

Top-Filling Tank


Aspire Triton Sub-Ohm Tank Specs:


Material: Stainless Steel

Tank: Pyrex Glass

Threading: 510

Capacity: 3.5ml

Dimensions: 73mm H x 22mm W (w/o drip tip)

Available Ohms: 0.3 ohms, 0.4 ohms & 1.8 ohms


Aspire Triton Sub-Ohm Tank Includes:

(1) Triton Sub Ohm Tank

(1) 0.4 Ohm Coil

(1) 1.8 Ohm Replacement Coil

(1) Wide-Mouth Drip Tip


Device Anatomy 


  1. 510 threaded connection
  2. Airflow ring
  3. Tank housing
  4. Glass tank
  5. Mode Selector
  6. Heat sink/ mouth piece air control grip
  7. Base plate
  8. Coil head
  9. Mouth piece air flow 
  10. drip tip
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