Setting Up Your Aspire Nautilus Mini BVC Tank

Setting up your Aspire Nautilus Mini BVC Tank:

Setting up your Nautilus Mini BVC Tank is fast and easy. 

It is always recommended to wash all components of any tank before first use. 


  • Simply unscrew the Base Plate from the Tank and top cap. 
  • Screw a new Coil Head into the Base Plate
  • Prime the Coil Head by applying 3-5 drops of E-liquid to the Organic Cotton inside the Coil Head. 
  • Screw the Glass tank onto the top section. 
  • Fill the tank with eliquid till just before the top of the air shaft. Make sure not to get eliquid into the center air shaft. 
  • Screw the base plate with the heating coil installed, onto the tank. 
  • Allow the tank to sit for a minute to make sure the coil head is fully saturated. 
  • Screw the tank onto your device. 
  • Draw on the tank without pressing the fire button of the device. This is to help setup the airflow. If the airflow feels fine, you are ready to vape. If the draw is to stiff or airy, adjust the airflow control ring on the base plate to a larger or smaller hole setting.

You are now ready to enjoy your Nautilus Mini BVC Tank.


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