Asmodus Snow Wolf Mini 75-Watt Box Mod Instructions


The Snow Wolf Mini 75W Box Mod is the latest device from Asmodus’ Snow Wolf device line. A mini version of their sensational 200W mod, the Snow Wolf Mini 75W is a feature-rich device backed by 75 watts of vaping power.

Engineered to impress, the Snow Wolf Mini 75W is built from high quality 304 brushed stainless steel with a beautiful laser-etched Snow Wolf logo on the side opposite of the screen. The device features a single magnetic door of opaque colored glass, which is held securely in place by four magnets. The bottom of the device has bored battery vent holes for added safety, along with the USB port for battery charging when a replacement 18650 cell is not available for a quick swap.

The device is equipped with a bright OLED display placed between a large activation button and two adjustment buttons. The clear screen is easily readable even when in sunlight and shows important information to the user like wattage, voltage, and resistance of the atomizer, coil temperature and remaining battery life. Adjusting the features of the Snow Wolf Mini is easy with the large crisp display and responsive adjustment buttons. Settings can easily be manipulated by pressing the “+” and “-“ buttons of the device from 5 watts up to a powerful 75 watts or 0.5 volts up to 7 volts.

The Snow Wolf Mini 75W is equipped with the advanced GX75 processor, a powerful chip that allows for an impressive 75 watts of power output. This feature-rich chip gives the Snow Wolf Mini its temperature control capabilities, allowing the device to measure and limit the temperature of coil builds. A user can build with either Ni200 Pure Nickel or Titanium in order to utilize the temperature control features of the device. With constant temperature monitoring from the GX75 chip, a user’s vape can be virtually free from becoming too hot, burning wick and burnt tasting e-liquid.

Snow Wolf Mini 75W Features:

  • Sturdy Stainless Steel Construction
  • 1 Amp USB Charging via Micro USB Port
  • Powered by Single 18650 Battery (not included)
  • Spring-loaded Copper 510 Pin
  • Magnetic Battery Door
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Low Resistance Protection
  • High Voltage Warning
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Reverse Battery Protection
  • Overheating Prevention

Snow Wolf Mini 75W Specs:

  • Threading: 510
  • Material: Brushed 304 Stainless Steel
  • Doors: Opaque Glass (replaceable)
  • Internal Chip: GX75 Temp Control Chip
  • Three Mode Capabilities: Wattage Mode, Ni200 Mode or TI Mode
  • Wattage Range: 5 Watts – 75 Watts
  • Voltage Range: 0.5 Volts – 7.0 Volts
  • Temp Control Range: 212°F – 662°F (100°C – 350°C)
  • Resistance Range: 0.05 – 2.5 Ohm
  • Battery: Replaceable Single 18650 Cell (not included)
  • Dimensions: 85mm x 45mm x 24mm

Snow Wolf Mini 75W Includes:

  • (1) Snow Wolf Mini 75 Watt Box Mod by Asmodus
  • (1) User Manual
  • (1) Mini USB Charging Cord
  • (1) Warranty Card


Device Anatomy:

  1. USB Cable
  2. Battery Bay Cover
  3. Battery Bay
  4. 510 Threaded Connection
  5. Fire Button
  6. Vent Holes
  7. USB Port
  8. Up and Down Buttons
  9. OLED Screen


Installing Battery:

To install a battery into your new Snow Wolf Mini Box Mod:

  • Using your finger in the small notch on the bottom of the cover, pop the battery bay cover off. 
  • The Battery Bay cover is held on with 2 strong magnets so you just need to pull up on the battery bay cover and it will pop right off. 
  • Insert your Lavacell battery into the battery bay following the + and - markings on the inside of the battery bay. 
  • Place the Battery Bay cover back on the battery. The magnets will snap the cover back into place. 
  • Make sure the cover is on firmly. 
  • You are now ready to use your device. 

Once your battery is installed following the above directions, you may need to turn your device on. To turn your device on please press the Fire Button 5 times fast. Once the device is turned on your will be greeted by the Laisimo welcome screen then your device will turn on and ready to use. 


Charging your Snow Wolf Mini:

You have 2 options to charge your Tesla. You can either remove your Lavacell battery from the device and charge it via the Nitcore Charger, or you can use the on-board charging option. 

External charging:

  • remove battery from device
  • Follow charging instructions for the Nitcore Charger.

Internal charging:

  • When the battery level display indicates that the battery needs charging, plug one end of the supplied USB charging cable into your device. 
  • Plug the other end of the charging cable into a USB power source (a computer usb port or usb wall plug). 
  • Leave the device plugged in until the battery indicator displays fully charged. 
  • Once the battery is fully charged unplug the USB cable form the device. (Never leave a battery charging unattended)

While charging your device with the USB cable you can still use your Snow Wolf Mini. 


Adjusting the wattage:

Adjusting the wattage on your Snow Wolf Mini is easy. 

Simply press the up or down button on the device to adjust the wattage to the desired setting. Make sure the wattage and ohms of your setup does not exceed the Amp limit of your battery, you can do this by using ohms law. For more info please refer to this ARTICLE

 When in Temp Modes you can not select the wattage. The device selects the best option for your build. 


Firing the Snow Wolf Mini:

To fire your Snow Wolf Mini, press and hold the fire button. Inhale on your atomizer. The Snow Wolf Mini has a 10 second cut off, once you reach the 10 seconds of holding down the fire button, the Snow Wolf Mini will stop supplying power to the atomizer. If you reach this cutoff, release the fire button and wait a few moments and then your device will be ready to use again. 


Turning your device on/off:

Turn the device on:

  • Press the Fire Button 5 times fast. 
  • wait for the screen to come on. 
  • Your device is now on and ready to be used/setup.
  • Turn off the device:
  • Press the Fire Button 5 times fast.
  • The device will power off. 


System lock function:

While the device is on:

  • Press and hold the Up and the Fire buttons for a few seconds. 

This will switch between Lock and unlock mode. In lock mode the Up and Down buttons will not function, preventing accidental power level changes. 


Switch between TI, NI and Power:

With the device unlocked:

  • Press and hold the Up and Down buttons at the same time. This will open the mode selection menu.
  • Press the Up or Down buttons to select the option you would like.
    NI  POWER  TI 
  • Press the fire button to set your selection. 


Switch between °F and °C:

  • In one of the 2 temp control modes (Ni or Ti)
  • Press and hold the Up button till your Temperature reaches 662°F 
  • Press the Up button one more time. 
  • You are now in °C mode. Set you temp setting to what you would like.


Setting your Temperature in TC Mode:

  • Use the Up and Down buttons to set the Temp Max you would like.

    When in Temp Modes you can not select the wattage. The device selects the best option for your build. 


Locking the Resistance:

 To Lock the resistance of the atomizer in:

With the atomizer attached,

  • Press and hold the Down and Fire buttons at the same time. 
  • Once you see the screen display the Set Resistance screen with your resistance your resistance is now locked in. 


You are now ready to use your device.

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