Cleaning the Kanger Toptank Nano.

The Kanger Toptank Nano will need an light cleaning from time to time. Volcano recommends cleaning the Toptank Nano at least once a month if not more often. It will really depend on the amount you use the tank and what juices you use in it. You may also want to clean the tank when you change from one flavor to the next. Strong flavors tend to linger leading to most users cleaning when changing out from a strong flavor. 




Cleaning the Kanger Toptank Nano:

When disassembling the tank make sure not to lose any of the small pieces, screws, or o-rings. 

  1. Remove your tank from your mod.
  2. Remove the drip tip from the tank.
  3. Turn the tank upside down. 
  4. Unscrew the base plate from the tank section.
  5. Dispose of your juice in a safe manor. 
  6. Remove the coil head from the base plate. If the coil is old replace it. 
  7. Remove the o-ring from the base plate. 
  8. Unscrew the top cap from the Tank Section , and remove the glass tank from the housing..
  9. Remove the o-rings from the tank section. 
  10. Rinse all components in warm water. 
  11. Lay all parts out on a towel to air dry or wipe them all clean and dry. 
  12. Once all the parts are dry reassemble the tank and install a new coil head.
  13. Prime the coil head and fill the tank. 

You are now ready to continue using your Kanger Toptank Nano. 

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