Replacing the Coil in the Kanger Toptank Nano.

Replacing The Kanger Toptank Nano Heating Coil:

The life expectancy of the heating coil will vary depending on frequency of use. Follow these easy steps to replace your heating coil with a new one. Replacement of the heating coil should be done after the vapor production decreases, or a noticeable flavor change.

  1. Unscrew your Kanger Toptank Nano form your mod. 
  2. Point the Drip Tip of the Kanger Toptank Nano downward and unscrew the base plate from the Tank Housing. Set the Tank Housing to the side in a safe place where it will not spill any of your e-liquid that is left in the tank. 
  3. After you've disassembled your Kanger Toptank Nano. Remove the old Kanger Toptank Nano coil from the base, by unscrewing it.
  4. Using one of the replacement Kanger Toptank Nano coils, screw in a new one into the base.
  5. Prime the coil and refill the tank following these instructions
  6. Reassemble the Kanger Toptank Nano. 


After filling, wipe any liquid off the Kanger Toptank Nano and the 510 threaded connection for best care and performance.

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