Joyetech Cuboid TC 150/200W Box Mod Instructions

***This device can be a 200W device if you do the most current firmware update: See below for more info.***


The Cuboid TC 150W is another extraordinary vaping device created by Joyetech as a great addition to their already outstanding mod line. This notable box mod features a vertical OLED display inspired by its predecessor. Its brains lie in the cutting-edge chipset from Joyetech that allows for temp controlled vaping at up to 150 watts of power output. This combined with an ergonomically shaped device and a sleek, polished look—the Cuboid TC 150W would make the perfect addition to any vaping collection.

The Cuboid TC 150W is constructed from high-quality zinc alloy, making for a device that is both lightweight yet extremely corrosion-resistant and durable. The Cuboid TC 150W is rectangular in shape, but has gliding smooth edges and a silky, refined finish for a comfortable fit in the user’s hand. The front of the device is furnished with a large rounded metal activation button with the opposite side sporting the micro USB connection port.

Turning your attention to the body of the Cuboid TC 150W you will find the HD OLED vertical display, which is placed above the rounded rectangular “+” and “-“ adjustment button of the device. This crystal clear screen displays a plethora of important information for the user like current mode setting, remaining battery life, wattage setting, atomizer resistance and even the amount of amps the atomizer is pulling from the battery used. A unique feature that makes certain that the user will always stay on the safe side of their battery’s capabilities.

The Cuboid TC 150W is backed by a technologically advanced operating chip from Joyetech. This incredible chipset gives the Cuboid its power capacity of up to 150 watts in VW mode and four impressive temperature control modes for the ideal temp controlled vape completely suited to the needs of the user. The temp controlled modes the Cuboid TC 150W is equipped with are VT-Ni for Nickel builds, VT-Ti for Titanium coils, VT-SS316 to use with Stainless Steel coils and also TCR mode. Using these modes, the temperature range of the device can be set from 212 - 662°F / 100 - 350°C for a vape with robust flavor and vapor production and one that is free from burnt tasting dry hits.

The Cuboid’s TCR mode is one of the things that makes this device quite special, TCR mode allows the user to manually adjust the TCR values for different types of wire to further improve on the accuracy of the mod’s ability to limit and sense an atomizer coil’s temperature.

The Cuboid TC 150W is powered by dual 18650 batteries, which are easily accessed through the metal battery cover located at the bottom of the device. When a new pair of batteries isn’t available for a fast switch, the device can also be charged via the USB port with the included USB charger.

**The Cuboid TC 150W Box Mod’s firmware is now currently upgradeable using Joyetech’s VT Software in order to bring its power capacity up to 200W. Upgrade your device here.

Cuboid TC 150W Features:

  • Vibrant Monochromatic Screen
  • Dual Battery Bar Display
  • Temperature Control Capable (Using Ti, Ni200, NiFe or SS Coils)
  • V3.0 Upgradeable Firmware via Joyetech
  • Variable Wattage from 1 Watt to 150 Watts (now upgradeable to 200 watts)
  • User Modes: VW, VT-Ni, VT-Ti, VT-SS316 & TCR
  • Sturdy Zinc Alloy Body
  • Utilizes Dual Replaceable18650 Batteries (not included)
  • USB Charging Capable
  • Reverse Battery Protection

Cuboid TC 150W Specs:

  • Threading: 510
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Pin Material: Gold Plated Brass (Spring-Loaded)
  • Battery: Dual 18650 (not included)
  • Output Power: 1 Watts – 150 Watts (Firmware upgrade available for up to 200W)
  • User Modes: VW, VT-Ni, VT-Ti, VT-SS316 & TCR
  • Dimensions: 91mm x 42mm x 28mm
  • Atomizer Resistance Range:
    VW Mode: 0.1 ohm – 3.5 ohms
    VT Mode: 0.05ohms to 1.5ohms
  • Temperature Range: 212 - 662°F / 100 - 350°C (TC mode)

Cuboid TC 150W Includes:

  • (1) Joyetech Cuboid TC 150W Box Mod
  • (1) Micro USB Charging Cable
  • (1) Warranty Card
  • (1) User Manual
  • (1) Gift Box


Device Anatomy:


Installing the Batteries:

When using the Cuboid TC make sure to use married batteries. Meaning that both cells are the exact same. NEVER use different brand, mah, or age batteries. 
When getting the Cuboid TC you should purchase a set of 2 new batteries to be used only with the Cuboid TC. You do not want to break up the set and use one or more of the batteries from the set in another device. 

Slide down the switch on the battery bay cover on the bottom of the device and put two married Lavacell's into the battery bay. Follow the markings inside the battery bay. Close the battery cover making sure the door snaps shut. 


Charging the Battery: 

The battery charge indicator will flash when the remaining battery charge is low. The batteries can be recharged using the supplied USB cable, or you can remove the batteries form the device and and charge them via an external charger. 


Turning your device on/off

Turn the device on:

  • Press the Fire Button 5 times fast. 
  • wait for the screen to come on. 
  • Your device is now on and ready to be used/setup.

    Turn off the device:

  • Press the Fire Button 5 times fast.
  • The device will power off. 


Stealth setting:

While the device is on:

  • Hold the Fire button and Left regulatory button for a few seconds. 

This will switch between stealth on and stealth off mode. 

To see your settings in Stealth mode

  • tap the Fire button once and it will quickly display your settings on the screen. 


Adjustment lock function:

While the device is on:

  • Press and hold both of the Regulatory buttons for a few seconds. 

This will switch between Lock and unlock mode. In lock mode the Regulatory buttons will not function to prevent accidental setting adjustments. 


Flipping the Screen:

With the device turned off:

  • Press and hold both of the regulatory buttons simultaneously. 
  • The screen will rotate 180°


Entering the Menu:

To enter the menu screen on your Cuboid TC:

  • Press the fire button 3 times fast. 

The top row of the screen read out will begin to blink. You are now in the Menu and change change your setting from there.


Changing the Power mode:

To change the power mode:

  • Enter the Menu following the above instructions. 
  • With the top row of the menu screen blinking. 
  • Press the right adjustment button. This will cycle the modes from-
  • Once you have the desired mode selected, press the fire button once to set the mode. 

You are now ready to set up that mode by following the sets below or if it is already set up the way you would like it, you are ready to vape. 

TCR mode (M1, M2,M3):

TCR (temperature Coefficient of Resistance, is a new vaping mode. Under the TCR mode, with the mode indication still flashing, press the Left button. The sub menu items (M1,M2,M3) will flash. Press the Right button to chose the mode you would like and then press the fire button to confirm your selection. 

Setting the TCR:

With the device turned off:

  • Press the Fire and the Right regulatory buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds to enter the TCR menu.
  • Press either the Right or Left regulatory buttons to choose TCR M1, M2,M3
  • Press the Fire button to select your parameter.
  • Press either the Right or Left regulatory buttons to select your value. 
  • Press the Fire button to set your value. 

Cubiod TCR Value Range Chart:

Material TCR Value Range
Nickel 600-700
NiFe 300-400
Titanium 300-400
SS (303, 304, 316, 317 80-200


Adjusting the wattage:

To adjust the wattage:

  • Enter the menu screen following the steps above.
  • Press the left adjustment button once. The Power line of the screen should now be blinking. 
  • Press the right adjustment button. The longer you hold the right adjustment button the faster the wattage will change. 
    Note: The wattage can only change in one direction (up). If you go past the desired setting, you will need to go all the way to 60w release the button and press it again to get the setting to round robin back down 1w. 
  • Once you have the desired wattage selected. Press the fire button once to lock in the wattage setting. 

You are now ready to continue setting up the setting in the menu following the sets below or to use your device if all other settings are where you would like them. 

TC mode only supports a maximum resistance of 1.5ohm. If the atomizer resistance is above 1.5ohm the device will switch to VW mode. Also if you use a Kanthal wire in VTC mode the device will switch to VW after 2 seconds. 

Locking the atomizer resistance:

Always make sure your atomizer is at room temperature before locking in your ohms, never lock the ohms on a hot atomizer. 

To lock the atomizer reading:

  • Enter the menu with the above directions.
  • Press the left adjustment button 2 times. 
  • With the Atomizer line of the screen blinking, press the right adjustment button once to lock the reading. A padlock should appear to the right of the ohms of the atomizer. 

You atomizer reading is now locked in and the device will not ask you if you remove the atomizer. Make sure if you are switching out atomizers to unlock this feature or the device will not notice the change and can cause damage. 


Adding a new atomizer:

When adding a new atomizer to the device, it will ask you if it is a new coil or not. this is to check and make sure the device is set up to work with the attached coil. 

  • With the atomizer reading unlocked (see steps above). 
  • Add the atomizer to the device. 
  • You will be asked New coil right, same coil left. 
  • Press the correct adjustment button to answer the question. 
  • If a new coil the device will read the coil and make adjustments as needed. If same coil, it will not make changes. 


Changing forth line output info: 

To change the displayed info on the forth line of the display screen:

  • Enter the menu mode following the steps above. 
  • Press the left adjustment button 3 times. The forth line should now be blinking. 
  • Press the right adjustment button to cycle through the displayable options. 
  • You can choose between:
    • Amps
    • Puff counter
    • Time, (this is time vaped on, not a clock)
  • Once you have the desired item selected, press the fire button once to lock the setting in. 

You are now ready to use your device. 


Adjusting the temperature:

 to adjusting the temperature:

  • Press either the left or right adjustment buttons to adjust the desired max temp.

 This also applies to adjusting the wattage when in VW mode. 


Updating the firmware:

To update your firmware please follow the steps below:

  • Go to Joytech's Support Page.
  • Click on Downloads.
  • Click on the newest firmware for your device.
  • You will then be taken to a page giving you a list of the new features being added with this upgrade. 
  • On the left select your operating system. 
  • It will load file explorer, here you will choose where you are going to save the files.
  • Save the .zip file to where you would like.
  • Extract the files to the file.
  • Open the file
  • Open/Run/Double Click the .exe file or the Application file.
  • Turn your device.
  • Plug in the supplied cable into the computer
  • Plug the other end of the supplied cable into your device
  • The program should see your device and list the current info of the device. 
  • Click the Update button
  • A file explorer window will open. 
  • Select the .bin file of the update you want to update the firmware to. 
  • Double click the file.
  • It will begin the update. 
  • Once the update is done, a pop up window will let you know the update was successful. 
  • Click OK
  • You can now exit the software and unplug the device. 

To check and make sure the device is reading the new update:

  • Turn off your device
  • Press the fire button 20-25 times. 
  • It will then display the version of the firmware you are now running. (the device will turn on while during the button presses, just keep going)


You are now ready to enjoy your Joyetech Cuboid TC 150W Box Mod.

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